Jenaer Intershop Tower

An open interface my pictures upload via Jena, May 15, 2009: the new online photo service GAGAMOTO GmbH have founded two pioneers in the world of digital photography, and online marketing, the QuJoo GmbH and Bestsidestory GmbH from Jena. From the company headquarters, the Jenaer Intershop Tower, all services related to the digital image for the amateur and upscale professional needs are offered now. Our entire team worked already for a long time in the online photo service environment and now uses the industry know-how built up over years, to bring a photo service at the start, which is optimally adapted to the wishes of the customer.”says Ronald Tscherepanow, the Managing Director of the new GAGAMOTO GmbH. The establishment is a logical business step for Reinhard Hoffmann, Managing Director of Bestsidestory GmbH. For five years, we are working for national and international companies in the area of the digital world of photography as a successful service provider. Together with the developers we want now to the self-employed Player in this market still expanding.” “The motto of independent laboratory operating GAGAMOTO GmbH easy, fast and cheap – photos from 7 cents” the all is not only for the photo amateur digital image services and products from the simple exposure of his photos about brilliant photo poster, the design of photo gifts, photo calendars and greeting cards and postcards are offered, but also for photo professionals and operators of commercial galleries,. My pictures can be upload, present and transmitted with just one click to GAGAMOTO via an open interface. interested parties about details of this E-Commerce tailored to the photography market are specially model information and integrate their own projects in a few steps.

As an opening offer all new customers will receive 40 popular format 10 x 15 photos by GAGAMOTO free (plus shipping). About GAGAMOTO: The GAGAMOTO GmbH was founded in 2009. Managing Director is Ronald Tscherepanow, headquartered in the Intershop Tower, Leutragraben 1, 07743 Jena.

Cameroon Opens.CM Domain Name Registrations / and. of domain 15 October available Cameroon, 10 October, 2008 SARL the official registration authority for Cameroon of domains starting on October 15 with the acceptance of domain registrations for., and. While the sunrise period, from October 15 to October 31 holders of trademarks their domains through one who accredit registrars to registration submit. SARL, with sitting in Yaounde, was founded early 2008, with the aim of the country domain.CM to operate and make known beyond the borders of Cameroon. Moustapha Saya Kaigama, Managing Director of SARL, proudly proclaims, the response so far has been overwhelming”. International registrars such as Instra, IP mirror, Ascio, EnCirca and Corporation service company have already completed the accreditation and be able to offer in time to start their customers Cameroon of domains. Add to your understanding with Tony Ferguson. Other registrars have already signed up and the accreditation will receive in the coming days, Nothing in the way is thus the successful launch of the Cameroon of domains”, commented Mr Kaigama.

Xchange4DEAL – Bargain For Avatars

The new DEAL marketplace for second life residents can users of the virtual world second life to buy products in the form of DEALS recently. The platform offers cheap deals of from different traders from second life. Second life is a virtual world where users through avatars can communicate with other inhabitants of the world. About the new platform, you may purchase products from sellers from second life in the form of DEALS. The platform runs regardless of Linden Lab, the operators of the 3D world.

Currently, there are nearly 17,000 customers, whereby the platform gains every day approximately 200 new customers in the new service for the sale of virtual items. With increasing interest of the seller, also the number of potential customers is growing as more products than DEAL offered. How it works Xchange4DEAL with the new platform seller in the virtual world can present their products to a wide audience and achieve to higher sales. The DEALs are available for a limited period of time available, Typically for a few days. A predetermined number of customers is necessary to get the DEAL for the DEAL to take place. As more people buy the DEAL, cheap prices for the virtual items arise for every customer from second life. The height of the border is quite different, some customers will receive benefits up to 75 percent depending on the original value of the goods. Benefits of Xchange4DEAL for sellers up to 60,000 users daily would participate actively in the life in virtual reality.

For this, they need new clothes, jewelry, equipment for homes and many other articles. With Xchange4DEAL, the offers of the seller are easier accessible than on the second life marketplace. The sales will be higher, since only a DEAL with a large number of a product may be sold. Retailers also benefit from the promotional activities of the platform.