Partner Procedures

With passing of the years we have the trend of ' ' dominar' ' the developed professional abilities. To dominate between quotations marks, as written above. For more experience that to acquire, the attention is necessary not to forget adopted procedures daily. As example, we can cite the area of the health. A medical mistake can generate a calamity. A surgeon could ignore the fact of higienizar its hands and esterilizar the area of incision before starting the surgical procedure? How then to minimize this independent failure of its professional area? List, this exactly, make a list of procedures. The execution of a common activity will be more efficient ahead of the complex list of responsibilities of any professional. In its area, which are the basic procedures for the good course of its work? You think daily about them before assuming its responsibilities? He revises them during the day? If until today you did not think or she did not execute, is the chance to review its form to work. Good reflections!