Cosmetic Surgery

More and more Germans can operate in other countries.What is it? Only at the most affordable rates or other countries have more advantages for German patients? Cosmetic surgery have become socially acceptable. To suck off than a few years ago, when it was still frowned upon the breasts fall Anders as the hip gold”, most people are open to your embellished body. Thematisieret more and more frequently by the media, chat nowadays celebrities in the television openly about your intervention. The trend of cosmetic surgery has arrived also in Germany. Would Germans earlier by American films, series and TV shows confronted cosmetic surgery with the theme, looks now even German TV formats, such as the Swan”or”Extremely beautiful”, which deal exclusively. The growing media interest, also the German demand for cosmetic surgery enormously. It is also to add that the techniques are getting better and better, which minimizes the risks.

The biggest obstacle of plastic surgery is the price they have to pay mostly completely on your own in the most prospective customers. Cheap deals, surgeon who completed their training in France, Canada or the United States, and private clinics that comply with European standards, Tunisia has developed since 2004, a very popular destination of beauty tourism. The prices agree by low wage and cost of living, as well as favourable tax schemes for the medical sector, which is subsidized by the Government since 2000. But with lower quality than in Germany. Alone in the capital Tunis located approx. 10 ultra modern private clinics, which are filled to 50% of European patients. Straight out of the French-speaking countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland), thousands of patients enjoy the benefits of an aesthetic surgery in Tunisia. Of course an intervention abroad risks also, which patients should be aware of. It’s like in the In the case of complications after returning home from the surgeon and the hospital centre.

Ascorbic Disease

Thorough colon cleansing ensures unobstructed view of Marburg, in November 2012 for patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), the regular colorectal cancer screening is especially important. Because with increasing duration of illness increases the risk for cancers in the colon. A thorough cleaning of the body prior to a colonoscopy ensures the quality of the investigation. Only in a spotless, the doctor for colonoscopy can detect even small pre-cancerous and remove. A thorough bowel cleansing prior to the investigation is now possible with modern 2-liter-PEG solutions (Polyethyenglykol with Ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate) in a gentle way. The patient drinks each one liter of the PEG solution, as well as at least a pint of clear liquid, such as mineral water or light tea in the evening and the morning before.

The extra hydration and the electrolytes contained in the solution make sure that the water budget will remain balanced the body will thus not be charged. The Supplements are available in various fruity flavors (such as MOVIPREP lemon or orange). Especially people who more often be a colonoscopy personnel such as IBD patients, can thus alternate the flavors. Colorectal cancer risk with duration of illness varies depending on the type of inflammatory bowel disease also increases the risk of undesirable polyp formation in the gut. In addition, the duration of the disease has influence on the probability of whether or not form ulcers in the intestine: A recent study has shown that patients with ulcerative colitis have a 2.5 percent higher risk of colorectal cancer after 20 years of disease, after 40 years by 10.8 percent. Patients with Crohn’s disease have a risk higher around three to seven compared to healthy people. In the region of the disease in the body decides on the risk: patients, where only the rectum is affected, are at the least risk. Regardless of which region of the gut is affected, should patients with chronic bowel disease Colonoscopy as a screening plan for every one to two years.

So, cancer precursors can be detected early and treated. The attending physician or the website gives more information about colon cleansing. Helpful tips and a vivid information film here to find, which accompanies the procedure of a colonoscopy of the consultation to the colon cleansing and explains. Healthy intestinal involvement the Norgine GmbH is a pan European pharmaceutical companies that has committed to the development, manufacturing and marketing innovative medicine. “In addition to the sponsorship for the Felix Burda Award” the company is engaged in the field of Gastroenterology in scientific research. Contact: antwerpes ag Nina Wagner bird anger str. 66, 50823 Koln phone: 0221 92053-328 fax: 0221 92053-133 E-Mail: sources: 1 Rutter MD, Saunders BP, Wilkinson KH et al (2006) thirty-year analysis of a colonoscopic surveillance program for neoplasia in ulcerative colitis. Gastroenterology 130(4):1030-1038 2 overview/risk for colon cancer/chronic enteritis/Crohn’s disease crohn (last accessed on the 27.11.2012)

Neurologists Practice

Patients are the best guide to the quality of Web pages the importance of practice websites is recognized by an increasing number of practising physicians. But to the marketing, to be able to use image and reputational effects of practice pages, it is not sufficient to be simply present and statistically to track the number of hits. What matters is the quality of the communicative performance and in particular the authenticity of practice pages. A procedure developed by the Institute for economic analysis, consulting and strategy development (IFABS), detachable from surgeries on their own shows, this exemplary for the professional group of neurologists. The practice website evolved more and more to a standard information instrument of practice work. But unlike all other media used for this purpose, like for example the practice brochure the practice website has a width marketing function.

The targets associated with a performance especially the response of potential new patients to reach, must be optimally designed its communication effect. The phenomenon of single shot matters worse here”to bear, i.e. the fact that the first impression of a page already decides to favor or not like. Just below these aspects, it is surprising that practice home pages never closer investigates the communicative performance. To do this, the number of visitors or page views provide no information. To assess the homepage current – account balance, the Institute has therefore developed an exploration design for a website patient satisfaction survey, which was now expanded to a validated, actionable by surgeries on their own system for business analysis, consulting and strategy development (IFABS). It is based on a questionnaire with open and closed questions about the possible patient characteristics of a practice Web site. The following illustration (, maximum at 100%) shows the calculated for practice operations of the section “Neurologists” average Homepage performance potential.

The total assessment for the design areas of “Content”, “Shape” and “Information”, as patient satisfaction in relation to the requirements are identified. The value of “Authenticity” describes how well the Web pages of the neurological practices represent the reality on the ground. The “total quality” represents the patient judgment about the general effect of websites in practices known compared to Web pages of other patients. The figures show a clear potential for optimization the pages of this section, that can be set as well as for other physician groups. Klaus-Dieter Thill / IFABS

Chinese Academy

And this poor osteoporosis already started to affect even more wretched humanity, and especially women who gave birth and reared children, and therefore, gave them their calcium. And, fatally hit harder and oncology. Deaths from Osteoporosis as a sudden popped up to third place after cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Molecular same calcium, we tried to stop the destruction of bone, with difficulty assimilating only 10-30 per cent, the rest mass of settled into our joints and organs in the form of salts come, bringing not only benefit as harm. Six years the best minds of the Chinese Academy of Sciences struggled with the creation of such calcium. And still have her. In 1993, development work has been exhibited at an international tender.

Many countries would like to purchase the right to manufacture it. Money offered more. America was ready to roll away, for example, $ 8 million. But China has upheld that right for himself. Production of biologically active calcium ion has been entrusted to the best businessman of the country. So formed Tianshi corporation, which in Chinese means the Flying Lion. Today its products are known all over the world. And its president, Lee Chin-yuan called the king of calcium.

Now the flow of the corporation are many types of calcium that is absorbed by 95-98 percent. This, above all, common Biocalcium. It is enriched with vitamins, trace elements and amino acids. Pleasant taste, he gladly consume both old and small. But for the old and created another small, special product, called the Children's calcium. In addition it contains vitamins and other large amounts of iron and zinc, needed for toddlers grow and strengthen the immune system. This calcium is recommended even for newborns. Mom sprinkled powder nipple, and the kids with the mother's milk soak it in themselves. And they have developed as it should – and teeth together in time and grow, and they begin to walk earlier than their peers, and talk. The same can be maintained in calcium and elderly parents whose immune system is also nearing zero.