Earth Electrode

HF surgery is one of the new technologies in the medical sector and enjoys increasing popularity. RAINER Medizintechnik specialized. At the high-frequency surgery, Electrosurgery short alternating current with high frequency passes through the patient’s body, specifically to damage tissue or cut (Electrotomy or coagulation). The biggest advantage over the cutting with a scalpel is that at the same time with the cut the bleeding Stilling can be done by occlusion of the affected vessels. Distinction of the monopolar and bipolar Electrosurgery in the Electrosurgery. The monopolar technique is used for the most part, the active electrodes are used. It connects the patient over a large area with the so-called neutral electrode of RF power source.

The other electrode is the surgical instrument, the so-called active electrode. A special form of the monopolar technique is the Mono-Terminal application technique of the neutral electrode is omitted. The voltage source is sided with Earth connected and capacitive resistance of the human body against earth closes the circuit. The disadvantage of this is that this capacitive resistance and hence the effective current changes, as soon as it touches the body. Therefore, this method is used only for procedures with small streams (such as dentistry and dermatology). In contrast to the monopolar technique of HF surgery, flow those in which the surgical effect (cut or coagulation) is required at the bipolar only by a small part of the body. Two against each other insulated electrodes, between which the RF voltage is applied, be led directly to the surgical site.

The circuit is closed over the intervening tissue. Compared to the Mono-Polar technology, 20-30% less power is required. The surrounding tissue is not damaged because here no current flows, and gauges to the patient (E.g. ECG) will not be disturbed. This method is precise and critical applications, such as, for example, micro, neuro and ENT surgery is perfectly suited. The HF-surgery facilities and especially the accessories is now delivering RAINER medical technology. RAINER medical technology is a supplier of doctors, hospitals, laboratories, and research institutions in Germany, of Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Not only at the HF surgery places emphasis on the choice of products on quality and innovation. In addition, putting especially on small and medium-sized companies of the medical technology industry, that storm with special innovation and fresh ideas to the market.

On Safari

It is a pity that in this we were not able to see this miracle. King Crab safari in Next we went to the very edge of the land to the north of Norway. We are still in Finland received information about this beautiful place. Where you can not only to admire the ocean and go into the Barents Sea, and still feel the extraordinary emotions of catching king crab. And it's not safari, which is offered by many firms. Of course, if you are a licensed diver, you can dive with professionals and to catch crabs under water, but we have been involved in an interesting venture, fishing krabolovkami. Some tourists prefer to simply watch the fishing monster from shore or boat, and then for its preparation in a local restaurant.

Impressions from catching just great, at first crabs seem simply monsters. And it is not surprising, because the red king crab can reach two meters from one claw to and another 15 kg of weight. A human finger is to get a crab claw, you can lose a finger. Then we were expecting a feast. No doubt, after dinner safari crab – a real feast! Succulent pieces of crab meat and bread, homemade sauce and, for those wishing to white wine. Excellent white meat from the claws extremely juicy and has a natural sweet taste. One claw is enough to adult sated. Costs such Safari on king crab 1000

But there are companies () in the tour which included Safari on king crab. We froze the claws of crabs, packed them in a vacuum bags, frozen. And it is almost 10 kg! Such a catch compensated for the costs of the trip. And it is so nice. Whale safari in the morning we went to Tromso on whale safari. In Norway, at any time of year there is something to see. Whales cause a lot of emotions at all, without exception. Sperm superior to all mammals in the world diving. They can dive to a depth of 3000 meters, so you're unlikely to be able to see twice the same whale in one trip. On the other hand, chances of seeing a few whales are very large, because all Safaris are organized in places that are rich in fish, plankton and crustaceans. Here for a meal swim thousands of whales. In the summer you can often see sperm whales, but if you're lucky, you can also look at the toothed whales, moor minke whales, humpback whales, dolphins and killer whales. On Safari I was going with a particular emotion, really, my old dream come true. Two simultaneous feelings of living in me: fear and desire. In addition, the whale safari were waiting for us stunning scenery, abundance of fresh sea air and the beauty that we remember for a long time. At the appointed time we arrived on the ship. Besides us there were tourists from around the fear. Traditional cooking and instruction. And we hit the road. Much to write about it will not. This must be seen. I advise everyone to get that a lot of emotions that we experienced. On safari, we met a couple from London, who swam with killer whales. And I realized that I had not once come to Norway. How much I have not seen or experienced. So until we meet again, hopefully in Norway. I love this country, like all who visited it.

National Agency

The transfusion of hemocomponentes and derivatives is not free of risk and can take the customer the complications that can be fatal, therefore is important that all the nursing professionals have a good knowledge on this practical, knowing which cares they must be taken before, during and after the transfusion, which the possible reactions that the customer can present, as to identify them and as to proceed ahead from this situation. The Resolution of Diretoria Colegiada (RDC), n 153 of the National Agency of Vigilncia Sanitria (ANVISA), of 14 of June of 2004, normatiza in Brazil the activities of hemoterapia, establishing rules and procedures that must be known and be followed by the professionals who work with transfusions. It is important the nursing professionals to have knowledge of this Resolution better to take care of the submitted customers to the transfusional therapy and through the knowledge to prevent errors that can be fatal to this customer due the knowledge lack on this practical. Sanguineous transfusion the sanguineous transfusion is one practical doctor who consists of the transference of blood or one of its components, of a healthful giver for a patient. The objectives of the sanguineous transfusion according to POTTER (2005, p.1057) are: ' ' to increase the volume of circulating blood after surgery, trauma or hemorrhage; to become greater the number of eritrcitos and to keep the levels of hemoglobina in the customers with serious anemia; to supply to cellular components chosen teams as spare therapy ' '. In accordance with Resolution RDC n 153, of 14 of June of 2004, the set free hemocomponentes for the consumption could only be transfundidos when duly prescribed for doctors and after the accomplishment of the examinations daily pay-transfusionais for the service of responsible hemoterapia, as the imunohematolgicos examinations, that include the sanguineous tipagem and determination of the Rh factor and the sorolgicos examinations for the detention of illness of chagas, hepatitis B and C, infection for HIV/AIDS, for the HTLV-I/II and sfilis.

Bergerac Beauty

Cyranomostra a sufficiently altruistic man, made use to everything to make its amadafeliz, despite it has that to see it with another man, conquered its costs. It is felt flattered when, at the beginning of as the act, Roxana it dedicates to autordas letters so great I appraise and recognition. So beautiful rare is its love queno dares to disclose to the same truth in the stream bed of death, being Roxana already widower. uma free intention or workmanship critical deeper than the beauty of the love emsi; nor therefore one becomes less valuable. Cristiano, although the desperation to conquer the young and to have I obtain it, discloses-seconvincentemente gotten passionate trying to refuse the aid of Cyrano and to aoincentivar to count it to it the truth, exactly knowing that Roxana would lose. This, to aodescobrir the truth, does not take rancor of none of the two, therefore it knows that it ambosforam fidiciary offices, despite they have not been total loyal. Umaparte of history served as inspiration for the Brazilian teledramaturgia: Walcir Carrasco placed in the novel ' ' The Cravo and the Rosa' ' , passed in the schedule of 18h of 26 of June of 2000 the 10 of March of 2001, the Bianca personages, Heitore Edmundo professor, respectively interpreted for Loyal Leandra, RodrigoFaro and ngelo Antonio. In the global tram, the professor gets passionate itself for the pupil, maspor not to find itself worthy to conquer it, writes letters on behalf of the boyfriend damoa (Heitor) to please it. So soon the young discovers, however, fight comos two, disappointed for the one for having so seriously lain. Boarded aesthetic Aquesto in the text is valid still in the times of today; after all, oamor is unchained by the beauty or intelligence? Tenhase tormented with these questions never does not have who, and passed hours the wire in the front in espelhoensaiando a way of if approaching to the loved one. In Cyrano de Bergerac, the author considers to face this challenge, showing that, for the pure heart, the content and the valemmuito true feeling more than beauty.

Qualityassured Hernia Surgery

First step to the certified hernia Centre of the hospital for Visceralchiurgie at the St. Martinus Olpe hospital headed by chief physician Dr. med. Karl-Heinz Ebert was now the seal of quality hernia surgery”awarded by the German society of hernia. Exits are called hernias of guts from the abdominal cavity. They occur due to cracks, congenital or acquired, often scarring or Umbilical hernias as slats. For the ceremony and the permanent possession of the DHG seal EPAL hernia surgery”following had to meet requirements.

Operational supply of at least 30 hernia patients per year participate in the quality assurance study Herniamed ( full membership, the applicant hernia surgeons in the DHG including European hernia society controlled after one year after year is a control of the patients entered in the register in the comparison with statistics of the clinic. More than 90 percent of hernia patients must be placed on the register. At These requirements will be held a recertification after two years, which includes not only the operation numbers and the surgical results, but also the results of the follow-up. In the follow-up, at least 60 percent of the patients must be demonstrably entered in the register. The DHG-certified, the clinic for visceral surgery has made the first step in the direction of certified hernia Centre.

“The motion for certification as a centre of excellence for hernia surgery can only be performed if the clinic for at least 12 months the DHG-certified EPAL hernia surgery” has and has carried out the appropriate controls for two months. First step to the competence centre we understand the aspiration to the competence center hernia surgery as quality assurance. Just backed up and if necessary improve quality if the operator knows the long term result of his operations. Participation Herniamed allows us, more detail to document all hernia surgery in our clinic and the supply a long-term scientific evaluation information collected”, Dr. Ebert explained the intention to participate in the quality-assured hernia surgery. So we can ensure a quality-assured hernia surgery the patients entrusted to us and patients.

Istanbul LASIK Surgery

More and more people have their eyes in the modern laser eye clinics in the metropolis of Istanbul lasers. Who wants to pay not a half a fortune for his laser eye surgery, chooses Istanbul as a city for his LASIK journey. With over 500 clinics, State of the art technological equipment and highly qualified personnel, Istanbul has become the medical capital of Europe. The biggest eye clinics and eye doctors with the most experience in the field of laser eye surgery are to meet in Istanbul. Over 15 years ago, the first eye laser procedures were applied in universitatsallee patients with success.

Since then, the eye laser technology in Turkey has progressed rapidly. A very interesting alternative offered people who depend on their glasses or your contact lenses: the so-called LASIK procedure. LASIK stands for LASER IN SITU KERATOMILEUSIS and is an eye laser, in which first the top layer of the cornea part is cut and the process including the layers in the second stage with a special Discusses eye laser. The previously beaten back skin slices carefully covered in the last step to the starting position. The LASIK surgery takes only 15 minutes and is performed as an outpatient in a laser eye clinic.

A faultless and sharp vision LASIK patients enjoy already the next day. For about 1 week, the patients take antibiotic eye drops to prevent potential inflammation or infection. After the performed LASIK surgery, patients often report about dry eyes. The symptoms of dry eyes can be a change of vision in the course of the day felt by headache or a noticeable higher intraocular pressure. The corollary of the dry eye symptoms can successfully be treated with artificial eye tears. Some patients take 3-6 regularly these drops months after LASIK surgery on the day. Everyone who is over 18 years and whose Sehkraft has been stable in the last two years, is in principle a Suitable eye laser surgery.

Abrangncia Subcategoria

Distribution of the symbolic categories, abstracted from the free Test of Association of words, on the word-stimulaton ‘ ‘ interdisciplinaridade’ ‘. The analysis of the data gotten through the free test of association of words, whose word stimulaton was ‘ ‘ Work in equipe’ ‘ , it subsidized the formation of picture 02, as visualized below: Category: Related words the work emequipe, represented for the code (CRTeq), forming two subcategorias: Individual responsibility, represented for the code (SRRind), and the subcategoria common Responsibility (SRRcm). Category: Interdisciplinaridade Subcategoria: Related words the interdisciplinaridade Code thematic Unit orqudea thematic Unit tulipa Subcategoria: Commitment. SRIcm ‘ ‘ Devotion; patience; understanding; love; to make a good work; affection with the families; will to make coisas’ ‘. Union, group Subcategoria: SRInt interaction ‘ ‘ Partnership; friendship; dialogue; people backwards for the unit; together with the nurse; interaction; everything together; team; common vision; bringing the problems; palestras’ ‘. Work in team, the person to work in set with the colleagues, One helping the other, Collaborating, Complementation, Abrangncia Subcategoria: Cooparticipao SRIco ‘ ‘ It is trying to decide in the team; union; multiprofessionalism; it helps one to the other; cooperativismo; people look for to help the families; accompaniment of famlias’ ‘.

Efficiency, greater income, everything in horizontal form. Category: Unrelated words to the interdisciplinaridade Subcategoria: SNRid unfamiliarity ‘ ‘ I do not go to answer; I do not know; I do not know responder’ ‘.


Obesity: Patients with gastric tube approximately 70 percent weight take off if the stomach is only as big as a hose, felt a sense of satiety – man inevitably more and takes off. For obese patients who are morbidly obese, this operation can be an almost life-saving measure. Because often the massive obesity a series of concomitant diseases causes, including diabetes and high blood pressure. Obesity surgery in Germany is but still very small compared to other EU countries and the United States. Just 4,000 work of this kind are currently counted in Germany. It is all the more surprising, now reported the 500th sleeve Gastrectomy on the vest in the hospital in Recklinghausen. “After surgery, patients on average lose 70 percent of their excess weight. Our current record holder has declined since September 2010 about 160 kilos”, says Prof.

Dr. med. Martin Busing, whose clinic in Recklinghausen itself as one of the nationwide just two facilities ‘ certified reference centres for Adipositas and ” metabolic surgery”may call. The “hose stomach” command is performed through tiny incisions on the abdomen and is one possibility among many, obese people to help. “Patients should drink immediately after the surgery, although the course often only minimal amounts are”, says Prof.

Busing. The complication rate for this type of intervention lie under one percent.

Articular Cartilage

Early stabilization of the articular cartilage can slow the extent of wear everyone is affected by the wear and tear of joints. One more and the other less. This is a completely normal process, which are owed just the older is. The wear and tear process within normal limits is age-related, this has also nothing to do with disease, so to do an osteoarthritis. The joint wear and tear runs but considerably faster than according to age, then one can speak of osteoarthritis. Often visible causes underlying, such as overweight, poor posture or special exposure to physical work or some sports are such cases.

Whoever has such risk factors for osteoarthritis, should consider to start early with prevention or early treatment. Under no circumstances should wait as long as pain occur. Why? Pain must be not the sign of an incipient arthritis. We now know that only pain occur in some people, if the joint wear and tear even very advanced is. In such cases, it is usually too late for preventive and early therapeutic measures. It is so right to begin, if still no symptoms such as about to pain feel are measures to protect of the joints. There are such measures focus on combating the causes such as obesity, lack of exercise or bad posture.

This leads to reduction of articular cartilage. In addition, it should be in addition to the relief, attention, actively to strengthen the cartilage for loads. This can be done as a nutritional measure with Chondroprotektiva (cartilage vaccines). The Chondroprotektiva are found in cartilage and connective tissue, and are part of the diet. Only the range of protective cartilage not sufficient in our modern food often, to meet the needs of articular cartilage under load. Therefore, it is useful, in addition to the strengthening of the joint cartilage Chondroprotektiva how to eat for example in ArtVitum tablets. For the ArtVitum contained Chondroprotektiva Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate so many scientific studies are available, that they are recommended by the European rheumatism society for use in knee osteoarthritis. Why? Now these two important Chondroprotektiva slow the breakdown of collagen, the major support protein in the articular cartilage on one and on the other hand, they promote the repair of articular cartilage. Both of these mechanisms ensure that curbed the wear and tear of the articular cartilage. The dosage of Chondroprotektiva in ArtVitum tablets is chosen to match every day exactly the dose of validated in scientific studies taking 2 x 2 small tablets. This has the advantage that ArtVitum tablets not only to meet the needs of a loaded joint cartilage are suitable, but also for the nutritional treatment of osteoarthritis, especially knee osteoarthritis, can be recommended. The tablets are free from sugar, lactose, gluten, and dyes. Artvitum (PZN 4604249) is available in pharmacies, also Internet pharmacies, medically supervised health centres and directly at the company to 29.50 for a month. Due to its special composition and documented dosing, ArtVitum is not interchangeable with other, seemingly similar products.

Cosmetic Surgery

More and more Germans can operate in other countries.What is it? Only at the most affordable rates or other countries have more advantages for German patients? Cosmetic surgery have become socially acceptable. To suck off than a few years ago, when it was still frowned upon the breasts fall Anders as the hip gold”, most people are open to your embellished body. Thematisieret more and more frequently by the media, chat nowadays celebrities in the television openly about your intervention. The trend of cosmetic surgery has arrived also in Germany. Would Germans earlier by American films, series and TV shows confronted cosmetic surgery with the theme, looks now even German TV formats, such as the Swan”or”Extremely beautiful”, which deal exclusively. The growing media interest, also the German demand for cosmetic surgery enormously. It is also to add that the techniques are getting better and better, which minimizes the risks.

The biggest obstacle of plastic surgery is the price they have to pay mostly completely on your own in the most prospective customers. Cheap deals, surgeon who completed their training in France, Canada or the United States, and private clinics that comply with European standards, Tunisia has developed since 2004, a very popular destination of beauty tourism. The prices agree by low wage and cost of living, as well as favourable tax schemes for the medical sector, which is subsidized by the Government since 2000. But with lower quality than in Germany. Alone in the capital Tunis located approx. 10 ultra modern private clinics, which are filled to 50% of European patients. Straight out of the French-speaking countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland), thousands of patients enjoy the benefits of an aesthetic surgery in Tunisia. Of course an intervention abroad risks also, which patients should be aware of. It’s like in the In the case of complications after returning home from the surgeon and the hospital centre.