The Length about 2 hours provides plenty of space for relaxing, almost a meditative relaxation. The herbal stamp massage versus hot roll, there are many means to soften a tense muscles again or to soothe tense nerves. Pain in the joints and muscles are nowadays very widespread, this is mainly to lack of movement and bad posture. Stress and tension can influence but also on the muscles and cause tension mainly in the neck and shoulder area. Here to help massage and heat that goes into the depths of the muscles.

Be used certain herbs, the effect can worsen. The application of the herbal stamp massage the effects of massage are well known, they loosen the muscles up in deep tissue layers. Why then herbal stamp? Herbs are used in this type of massage in linen to fist punches”are packed. These are either in hot oil or water soaked and then in drumming movements over the areas to be treated. Here are several pleasant aspects: the heat, the herbs and the massaging motion. As a result, tension can dissolve faster, also the metabolism is stimulated. If this is set in motion and blood circulation is promoted, the body is purified better. Heat the hot roll and the factors that are used against complaints of various kinds are the hot role.

Mainly, the back is treated with a hot role, here tension can be solved very well. A hot roll can be used in the household but also to other complaints, bronchitis or blockage of the intestine. It is also very effective in nervousness, this heat is generally very helpful. When used by a massage therapist, are also two rolled towels, which were filled with hot water, used. Heat and humidity in conjunction with pressure have proven themselves, at the same time to loosen up and to stimulate. The aroma oil massage and their effect the effect of scented oils on the well-being of the people is indisputable.

Handgemixt Products

Mineral makeup Handgemixt by the makeup artist Conny Warmuth Berlin that the United States is again considered a pioneer in terms of innovations and trends, is not new. Whether in music, sports or just cosmetic. We record sooner or later like much of this in our everyday lives. Something special but we have missed for years: mineral makeup. In the 1990s, the Americans for the first time have discovered this kind of makeup to and found a growing crowd of loyal supporters. Only good 10 years later a young man from Berlin has written on the flag, to bring these products to Germany. Not only to to make them known in Germany and to sell, but also equal to synthesize. Models, actors or just the woman next door were convinced even then quickly make-up of the mineral in the United States the benefits, because the naturalness and the high skin tolerance.

This is mainly due to the fact that all products (for example, on a base of pure minerals and natural pigments build and contain no oils, fats, silicones, or preservatives. That makes them a very worthwhile alternative to conventional make-up especially for allergy sufferers. Anyone who value sets to look uniform, natural-looking, will be thrilled with the result. I’m myself again and again surprised as you can set the skin so quickly, easily, and it so acceptable in the right light.”so cowarcosmetics founder of Conny Warmuth. The advantages of used minerals and the special pigment mixture are a more intense coverage and a natural UV protection: the light is reflected, so the skin is naturally protected from UV radiation, small pleats as large pores are just gently outshines.

And all this without the effect that the skin looks “plastered”. All products with a special brush be applied either dry, moist or as a liquid primer, it mingles easily with his moisturizer. In particular the simplicity and Naturalness also ensure that more and more men with the products of the face minerals series deal. Ask hand, but they often still behind privately. I’m glad of course, but I’m not surprised. Firstly, mineral makeup is very easy to use, and secondly, it doesn’t look like make-up. It looks simply fresh and neat. “Yes, increasingly want to men.” says Conny. The face minerals series is based on three simple components: the basemyday primer, the colorkick Rouge colors and the theendtostart powders. His personal color primer, 3 Rouge and 2 powder tones can be found in 18 shades. All products are mixed here in Berlin crafted directly from Conny Warmuth. So he ensures that only the highest quality ingredients in the doses and thus on the skin. More information and can be ordered under: Conny Warmuth – Berlin

Innovative Cosmetics

Word head, freelance copywriter, emerged with fresh ideas. Mannheim: Not only natural beauty, but also anti – aging and caring wellness products are currently strongly with consumers and therefore for the word head, free lyricist and copywriter, a charming area of responsibility. Face care is the largest segment in the cosmetics and is growing at about 5%. That leaves plenty of room for innovation and new products, but also successful product texts. One of these fresh products, that yearns for advertising and a harmonious packing, accompanied Word head now when the European market as a copywriter.

The texts for packaging and an understandable wording caused derzeitz with high pressure. Word head ( thus established itself as cosmetics copywriters and language specialist with the necessary sensitivity. Because the smallest linguistic nuances, it arrives in the advertising texts and in particular cosmetic advertising; at the same time, we need to have a flair for legal pitfalls of the statements. By the way: In particular anti aging cosmetics is by the consumers demand. And after soft Tan”is the cosmetic treatments, which can give a younger look in 2nd place of the wish list.

It is not only the women who ask for innovative cosmetics, but increasingly the Lords. The market for men’s cosmetics is growing disproportionately, especially the facial is strong demand. Here, in particular the proper care plays a role: three-quarters of all consumers looking for a body care that is friendly to the skin. Total has the market introduction of the new cosmetics series, accompanied the word head as a freelance copywriter, so potential: because the new cosmetic line is addressed to men and women alike, is innovative and can certainly build on a coherent wording.

Makeup Trends

Metallic effects, powerful colours, pink cheeks, natural look, Smokey eyes, dark eyebrows – these are the new trends! In the autumn and winter months the Make-Up trends opening new paths. “Eyes on and looked out!”-this could be the new motto. Because courage is announced for the new trends! But also classic beauties will come to the course. Smokey eyes emphasizes the eyes intensely modern effects in black. Abstract designs make the eyes an absolute eye-catcher. Slightly blurred eyeshadow make sexy and glamorous look the eyes. Dark, mystical eyes provide a penetrating look! Manufacturer: BUNDY BUNDY collection: simply Red copyright: BUNDY BUNDY metallic Smokey eyes effects through gold and bronze tones more interesting. Dazzling gold and shades of Brown are in general the trend.

The warm and gentle shades make tired eyes shine. The light is reflected by the shimmering glow. Applied in the eye creates a fascinating play of light. More info: Dr. John Mcdougall. Gentle lip colors in coordinated Autumn tones enhance the powerful effect even further. Manufacturer: Mirror mirror collection: decadence copyright: mirror mirror powerful colors colors that stand in the eye – not for the faint of heart! Strong, striking colors such as turquoise, purple, or white are combined with eyeliner. The eyes are conspicuously used in scene. Here, the eye shadow shapes may deviate from the norm and extravagant are highlighted. Manufacturer: Mirror mirror collection: decadence copyright: mirror mirror pink cheeks a natural-looking face is the be-all and end-all.

A light touch of Rouge on the cheeks will look rosy fresh and flawless complexion. It stressed eyelashes and perfect were shaped eyebrows of sophistication. The Eyeshadows are elected in gentle tones. The makeup to enhance only the impression of natural beauty, seem but not overloaded. Manufacturer: Apocalyps editions collection: all ages 2008 Copyright: Apocalyps editions natural look makeup is derived from the pink cheeks used to emphasize the sheer beauty. The refined look fresh and flawless skin. For the eyes a soft color palette is used. The face is a modern touch and given a romantic expression by gentle blush. Manufacturer: Mirror mirror collection: change copyright: mirror the trend of artificial-looking line brewing withdraws mirror dark eyebrows, and the natural brows take its place. With a special pen, which is a shade darker than the natural color, these are drawn and stressed. Dark eyebrows are now chic! Manufacturer: Hair arena collection: Pridge copyright: Marina Sturm Pridge sources: * * A.Loeb Editorial make_up_herbst_winter_2008_2009.html

Rhine Dream Cosmetics

Rose the one Eau de Parfum by Dolce & Gabbana enchants with the sensual accents of the rose the designer duo Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana met in 1980 in an atelier in Milan and created the first joint collection in 1982. Domenico Dolce was born in 1958 in Palermo. He at the age of 7 his father taught him how to sew a jacket. Stefano Gabbana was born in Milan in 1962. He worked first as a graphic designer before joining the fashion. The first drafts of the masters of the sex of Apaels did they produce in the textile factory of the father of Domenico Dolce. The popular designer fragrance line launched in 1992. The perfume Academy international pinch has them in 1993 for the best women’s fragrance, Dolce & Gabbana perfume”awarded a prize.

Rose the one is a tribute to the gracious rose. In the opener, this sensual experience with black currant, Tangerine and pink begins grapefruit. The seductive Bouguet from Bulgarian roses, peonies and lilies in the heart makes for a special moment. The creamy notes of vanilla, musk and sandalwood in the rear lift the romantic and feminine side of a woman even more out. About us: The online Perfume store offers a variety of brand perfumes and fragrance sets at fair and reasonable prices. The perfumes of popular manufacturers are all described in our shop. So, you can choose your favorite scents alone. The secrets of your favorite fragrance raw materials are revealed in our lexicon.

Enjoy your shopping and a customer-friendly atmosphere in. Our always growing customer base in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and Denmark confirmed total customer satisfaction. The family-owned company headquartered in the beautiful Rheingau continuously expanded its product variety of new Eau de Toilettes and Eau de Parfums. Press contact: Rhine dream cosmetics Martina Mayer freedom str. 14 65375 Oestrich-Winkel Tel. 06723-913389 mobile 0178-6820286 fax: 06723-913389 E-Mail: WWW:

Wolfgang Potzl

Innovative online shop, makes with interesting innovations to the topics, health, beauty, vitality and energy a range of holistic thinking people Kufstein/Tyrol the shop is still a youngster, but he is becoming more effective through continuously further product innovations in the areas of health & beauty, fitness & energy, man issues, wellness & Spa, water & water filters and much more. We would offer simply in addition new, proven, first-class and unique products the many loyal customers to the known range”, so the management who successfully offers vitality with ZARO water recovery products since 2003. Products obtained as rare. Our customers are not normal consumers, our customers love life and they also show that, they are organic, nature-oriented and use a pendulum or a tensor ever questioning the quality of the product. There are therefore related to the family activities of ZARO, a circle of people about a real Self-consciousness,”and these people are more than customers are the new valuable designers of life, people who rely on State health concepts but on feeling, feeling and inner guidance. So begins health, beauty, vitality and youthfulness.

We receive often touching letters, emails with great stories around the ZARO products. We love our customers, we have virtually no complaints and that makes us not only joy, but also the customer. The new store is now accessible at. Proper nutrition and the quality of nutritional supplements nutrition, is the subject of the present, it runs like a thread through the entire media landscape. And then we have yet another interesting field, the ever-increasing body awareness and associated social compulsion, to comply with certain masses, a certain character, a certain look. People experience pressure, because the lifestyle of eternal youth, celebrated through media is no easy Task. The modern man is called, because we want to be beautiful, healthy and fit, we want to be attractive and desirable.

That is a fact. A healthy eating pattern will remain here but most of the time on the track, prosperity diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, are obesity or bulimia, thus becoming more and more serious health problems. We have life gold”realized an effective food supplement with effects-intensive ingredients and in optimal dosages, can the missing building blocks that the body needs sufficient to provide that help. Thus a possible malnutrition may be offset and various diseases can ideally be prevented, so Wolfgang Potzl of in the conversation. Dietary supplements should and can generally help to enrich their own diet with appropriate vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins. The diet can be enriched with nutritional supplement in periods of increased demand, if indeed she needed Amount of food (energy) is not sufficient optimally meet the daily needs. This can be the case quickly in times of pregnancy, illness or even strong exercise. Even smokers have an increased need for certain vitamins, which can be covered by a corresponding supplement to prevent possible deficiencies. In various situations, certain substances in the body to a greater extent are simply required to maintain the body’s functions and to prevent deficiency symptoms.

ECOCERT Cosmetics

Worse still, it has been proven that long-term effect of some ingredients that can be added to the skin care products cause cancer and nervous system disorders. This is the main reason why we more often and more deliberately opt for organic cosmetics. Therefore, we study the contents of the product which we are interested in more and more. No wonder increasing success of eco-friendly brand in our country. The brand Love Me Green can serve as an example for organic and natural skin care products.

A line of cosmetics without chemicals, inspired by the wealth and diversity of costarikanischer nature. Hence the aromatherapy scents of their products (including those based on natural plant extracts clear thing): frangipani as well as Shea butter, as honey, green tea, grapefruit and orange oil. The brand of LMG has natural creams, foams, scrubs, toners, lotions, oils, shampoos and hair treatments in their offer. All cosmetics are manufactured in a laboratory in France. The laboratory has all the certificates, the bear witness to the emergence of a product of the highest quality and safety: ISO 9001, ECOCERT and NOP (national oragnic program). Interestingly, Love Me Green not only cares about its customers and the environment is dear to them. The dermatological tests be conducted on animals.

Also PET packaging of cosmetics are environmentally friendly it has ensured that it is to the Recycle are in addition one has refused on cardboard boxes and flyers. Among the natural ingredients, whose healing effect on the skin by the use of Love Me Green cosmetics can be experienced, man especially frangipani-(very soothing, moisturizing and smoothing effect) have green tea (antioxidantive effect, skin aging, bows combats skin fatigue), green coffee (effective in the fight against cellulite, eliminate moisture and lack of energy), papaya (firming effect on the skin and protects it from aging), Cranberry extracts (high level of antioxidants, which supports) Mention the defences of the skin). Also the care the skin with oils offers great results. For assistance, try visiting endocrinologist. Love Me Green used in their cosmetics: argan -, coconut, macadamia nut, almond, Orange, apricot, Sesame and pomegranate core oils. In addition, following ingredients can be found in these cosmetics: Aloe Vera, Shea butter, honey, rose and lime water. Cosmetics seem different than the so-called traditional cosmetics based on natural plant substances. The active ingredients support the natural regeneration processes in the skin and increase their impact. The skin breathes, returns to equilibrium and to the natural color. Cosmetic products meant to help maintain the skin and beautify, to guarantee but also protection. Watch out for your skin in the choose organic products without harmful chemical ingredients.

Lose Weight

With the power of the subconscious mind, purzteln let the pounds. You have the desire to lose weight and want to feel healthy again, fit and agile? You have tried many diets, but are dissatisfied with the results? Hypnosis can help then to remove the underlying causes / blockages that prevent you from resolve. What is hypnosis? Translated from the Greek meaning hypnosis sleep =. This is not the fact. Hypnosis is not sleep, but an increased inner attention. Also see hypnosis are not aware / or helpless the hypnotist, rather you get with everything around them. They are only highly concentrated on the things that will be discussed with you. Hypnosis is a State of relaxation which is deliberately caused and used therapeutically.

In the normal waking state of consciousness takes you at once was all external stimuli. The hypnosis, you focus on a particular topic or a certain perception. It is an inward looking and their own experience. The basic requirement is a leap of faith to the Therapists. Hypnosis is predisposed and quite natural in us. You have experienced this condition itself several times. Do you know that? They drive a well known route by car and wonder how they got there at your destination? They went all the way without consciously remember to? You see a movie are emotionally moved and feel with the characters and perceive nothing in your room.

Must persons present attract several times until you respond? You looked there already once just so in front of him and were with the thoughts somewhere else? These are situations where even unconsciously moved in hypnosis. How can hypnosis help with weight loss? In hypnosis you will feel relaxed and everything blocked, can causes stress or releasing hidden fears. At the same time succeeds with the help of hypnosis to increase the motivation and defeat the inner pig dog.

Bags – Surgical Removal

The surgical removal of bags under the eyes what to do against dark circles can know that? It stands up fine mood in the morning and full of beans. When looking in the bathroom mirror, the angry awakening comes then but later: puffy bags under the eyes. That even means, that this would lead back to your unsound life change. Also when damaging processes, as too often too much sun and too much night carousing by, the connective tissue around the eye area can weaken the formation of bags under the eyes is often hereditary. The permanent sagging of the skin below the eyes, occurs in some people very early and formed at different people age differently. If it is baggy eyes not only to a temporary swelling, but a permanent change, based on the relaxation of the tissue, only a surgery helps if you want to eliminate. While there are cosmetic products, which you can achieve an amazing effect for a short time with soft forms of bags under the eyes, but the bags by drugs with mechanical cosmetic effect, not permanently altered. How are eye bags removed surgically? There are different types of bags under the eyes, for which different interventions are necessary.

In some species, a surgical correction of eye bags can be performed by a cut on the inside of the lid. External scars remain not back after this procedure. The bags are more pronounced, a correction from the outside is necessary. That is, an incision is carried out below the eyelashes, skin tightening and drooping muscle tissue along with the vordrangende fat removed. After this procedure a slight scar remains however, that usually no further notice slightly Wrinkly skin, with very smooth skin but visible can be. In contrast to an operation on the upper eyelid, where the scar in the Crease naturally disappears, can be hidden the surgical scar on natural way not here. Of course, can have make-up the SCAR and should have disappeared after about six months as a rule.

Who performs the operation to remove the dark circles? If you decide to remove your eye bags through an operation, you can contact a plastic surgeon or looking for an eyelid surgeon. An eyelid surgeon is a surgical ophthalmologist who specializes in surgery on the eyelids. Consult the best advance in different places personally. With some skill, the surgeon will remove the dark circles and help to a self-portrait that corresponds to your personal vision.

Cosmetic Surgery

Liposuction by the assisted water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL) the revolutionary body Jet method is a world novelty in the field of plastic surgery. Quickly and gently to lose excess fat tissue – this is the dream of countless people. Because even with sensible diet and sufficient exercise to stubborn fat deposits on thighs, hips and belly, shackles or also to the male breast (gynecomastia) no away training. The body Jet method – assisted a water jet assisted liposuction (WAL) is in the field of plastic surgery an innovative process, particularly gently to remove excess body fat. This gentle procedure by Dr. has been developed. Thomas Lorentzen, specialist in surgery and his specialist of beauty clinic in Berlin. The waterjet technology: a proven method of specialists perfected the procedure of the gentle tissue separation by the water jet method in general surgery for many years successfully applied.

Specifically for liposuction, our specialists enhanced this process and developed the assisted water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL). This rapid intervention is significantly less risk and health-friendly than the previous methods of liposuction: large amounts of liquid have been launched in the areas of the body to be corrected. The result of liposuction was not immediately visible through the body wipe-up. According to corrections at a later date were inevitable. How does the modern water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL)? A fine jet of water causes the unwanted fatty tissue with high pressure. The pressure adjusts to the different structures of the connective tissue in a unique way.

The excess fatty tissue can be removed precisely. This is extracted through same needle simultaneously. During the procedure, the surgeon modeled the body parts to be corrected. Liposuction assisted water jet based on the liposuction under local anesthesia, a local anesthetic. He can the intervention Track fully conscious patient. He can immediately examine the work of the surgeon during the operation. The extracted fat in the Lipokollektor is headed for planned transplants of fat tissues, such as Mastopexy, breast augmentation by fat or wrinkles in the face. In the Lipokollektor, the living fat cells before the re-use of the water mixture are separated. The advantages of innovative body Jet method on a look: short duration of surgery: the surgical procedure can be performed as an outpatient in a period of one up to one and a half hours. Due to the local anaesthesia the operation duration decreases significantly. Pain relievers can be dosed substantially less. Gentle intervention: the extracted fat is immediately sucked. For the patient this means: better compatibility through a gentle intervention, significantly less medication and a much lower exposure to saline. Quick result: already during the procedure, the surgeon can pretty well judge the result of his work. Unsightly dents and bumps removed he immediately and perfectly modeled the relevant part of the body. Enough by this innovative technique of fat absaugens a local anesthesia, i.e. also the patient can see the OP the result during the procedure. Subsequent corrections are rarely necessary. The fine work of the surgeons still: it is the art of aesthetic surgeons, to model the desired silhouette through the skin. Trust our expertise and our experience.