Natural Cosmetics

Saficos natural cosmetics online shop bio. Eco. Fair trade. Social responsibility. In addition to these, there is also natural cosmetics”a term that is on everyone’s lips and not just an empty slogan. Trend analyses show that even in the current financial crisis continues to demand for natural cosmetics.

So, you can buy not only his favorite products from natural cosmetics since March 2009,, but receives at the same time up-to-date information on the offered brands, the most important seals in the German market and tips and tricks to beauty care. Environmental allergies, skin diseases or problems are constantly increasing. In addition, that conventional cosmetics from shampoo, shower gel, body and hand lotion and even Gesichtspflegecremes contain substances that can cause not only allergies, but even considered carcinogenic. Not to mention the fact that many major cosmetic manufacturers still not forgo animal testing. These are just a few reasons the trained beautician and Economist Anke Hentjes, founder of Saficos Natural cosmetics, refrain from such products. The new Saficos online shop carries only certified natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics. So, interested buyers can be sure to acquire no pseudo-natural cosmetics that contain only a few natural ingredients in addition to chemical ingredients.

The product range currently includes the brands Logona Aquabio Lavera, Lavere, Martina Gebhardt, Santaverde, Dewdrops, and living nature and the offer is constantly expanding. The online shop of Saficos natural cosmetics ( launched in March 2009 comes with simple and elegant design and convinces with a clear structure and customer-friendly ordering process. So can the customer from many payment options to choose from and will receive even a bonus as a new customer. Moreover, follows even strict sustainable rules of Saficos natural cosmetics online shop. Therefore, orders only in environmentally friendly packaging and climate-neutral by DHL GoGreen will be sent. Customers will also benefit from a free recall and gift service and can comprehensive telephone advice. There is detailed information to product manufacturers, for the most important natural cosmetics seal, assistance for evaluating the skin type and care instructions. Contact information: Company: Saficos natural cosmetics contact person: Anke Hentjes 06188 Tel. 9958033 fax 06188 9958034

Three Classes Of Cosmetics

Many concerned about what brand of cosmetics to choose? There are three classes of cosmetics. More information about each First Class – fat-based cosmetics with extracts of plants. This is the most primitive makeup povehrnostnogo action. She cares only for the upper layer of the epidermis, ie of dead cells that have no power supply is needed. But its best to provide this layer the fat to soften it, otshelushit, whiten and moisturize more. Second Class – cosmetics containing essential oils and water liposomes. In fact, the possibility of penetration through the protective layer of the epidermis has only a negligible number of these liposomes. Most of their blends with particles fat of the stratum corneum, thus losing its water phase.

From this, however, there are also good. They create on the surface of the skin a protective layer that prevents moisture loss. (Example: 'Mary Kay', 'World-class', 'Oriflame', etc.). The third class – Cosmetics containing transdermal carriers and bioactive components that act at the cellular level (Example: '', 'Tselkosmet', 'La proce', 'Faberlic', 'Talgo', 'Academy'). I hope that after this article, you will not there more of this issue. Mini dictionary: transdermal carriers – are substances preodalevayuschie skin's protective barrier and transports nutrients into its deep layers, the epidermis – the outer, upper layer human skin, liposomes – a closed bubble of water, they are the transport of substances to the cells of the skin, the stratum corneum – is a visible surface layer of the skin, it is the skin that we see (it is called the upper layer epidermis).

Breast Enhancements

Many women are certain in increasing the size of their sines, but they are not safe on the benefits that this will bring to them. This lack of stops them to information in making a decision. If you were one of these women, she will comfort then you to know that there are many advantages associated to the increase of sines. He is recommendable that you take your time to identify the best method of natural increase of sines, choosing the one that contributes to majors benefits to you. More Confidence One of the main advantages to have greater sines is the increase in the confidence.

The women notice very instantaneously that she has more self-esteem due to his new physical appearance. This new level of confidence allows the women to undergo many new things, as to leave in more appointments, to have a greater level of privacy, and to also have more opportunities. Many of the women whom they look for to be increased the sines feel that its present appearance makes poor devils. These ladies notice that the women with enlarged sines more receive much more attention. Better physical appearance The women with stuffed sines have one better physical appearance; their clothes fit to them far better and are equipped to dress in more sensual articles, with pronounce decolletes. Bikinis without feeling can shine compungidas or ashamed. Its wardrobe is seen better, and are more open to choose articles more sexis. Sensation of youth More substantial sines again give the capacity of sentirte in young truth.

Your chests will be smoother and will have less wrinkles. Many women notice that the forms of their bust decay with time or after the pregnancy. Stuffed sines will clear 10 years to you of age. Proportionate body Some women, all the ages, need so large major of sines to have a general corporal appearance better balanced and provided. To have a bust greater than complements the rest of the feminine figure will allow the woman to feel more truly normal and natural. The most effective method of increase of sines Perhaps many women let themselves convince by expensive surgical cosmetic treatments or other inadequate procedures of increase, but thousands of women (and they are more and more) are turning upside down towards natural systems to surely increase the size of their sines and without indirect effect. I recommend to you that you visit the Web site of the system that is revolutionizing the world of the beauty " How To increase Its Busto" , with a combination of techniques that assure effective results to you in the increase of your sines of natural way.


Surgical intervention for the transformation of the nose, Rhinoplasty has resulted in the correction of some nasal deformations and at the same time benefits the person because the facial balance often reflects the safety of this in your environment, when the results are satisfactory and the patient observes differences, can enjoy a perfect nose. We must take into account that the Rhinoplasty as any operation not only serves to have a well-defined nose, there are things that we should look to subject us to such intervention. Rhinoplasty requires carried out previously some medical examinations to make sure any anomaly that could contraindicate the nose operation. The skin of the nose must be free from inflammation or infection of viral origin that would hinder such intervention. Otherwise the surgeon specialist will give us indications about what we should do to take care of this part of the body and be able to subsequently perform the surgery. Rhinoplasty should be conducted by applying general or local anesthesia and there are 2 types of procedures according to the conditions and characteristics of the person.

The closed Rhinoplasty is the most common method, is performed through incisions on the inside of the nostrils so that no external scar is not visible. Open Rhinoplasty is used to cases with a greater degree of difficulty for example for the transformation of large deformation. In the said procedure leaves a small scar, (which will disappear in a few months with the relevant care), making a cut of the membranes of the tip as well as the back where the surgeon will directly access the structures of the body. Rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure, i.e. is not required to stay and sleep in the hospital or clinic. However, if the patient has many discomforts, you can stay under medical supervision 24 hours. At Dr. John Mcdougall you will find additional information. On the other hand the patient must have certain care and follow your doctor’s instructions after the operation to reset completely. In spite of some bruising and swelling may occur in the days following the intervention, the patient will suffer no pain since analgesics recetaran so that it can cope with the recovery process.

Cytotec Works

From the legalization of the abortion for hardly years in Mexico, permisin to the use of the abortion tablet like method has been occurring to interrupt the pregnancy; this it is the case of cytotec, and although the ingredient composes that it (misoprostol) is also designed to cure gastric ulcers, in cytotec it is used to practice induced abortions. This abortion method takes successfully in 90% of the women practices that it, and it is a very easy procedure and that it avoided the surgeries. The unique thing that is due to do is to introduce a pair of dose of this treatment and it already is; it is not necessary to forget that so that treatment can be carried out east, it is needed that the woman has nine weeks of pregnancy at the most. The doses consist of two tablets each, but it is due to take into account that the organisms are different, thus sometimes will be required of two doses; when ingesting the first dose, bleeding will have to begin later of 4 to 6 hours; if it does not happen in this period, will be necessary applying one second dose, which is not outside the common thing due to the different thing that it is each body. Endocrinologist will undoubtedly add to your understanding. But How to apply the treatment? It is very easy, the unique thing that one is due to do is to introduce four tablets within the deepest vagina than can with the help of the fingers; one is due to take into account that must be with depth since otherwise the treatment will not work optimally. Once the tablets have been introduced, they will begin to feel much more strong clicos of the normal thing, which is normal when east treatment is applied. When bleeding does not appear, the introduction of one second dose will take with the same technique. Once one has concluded with the treatment and following the time of pregnancy that is had when it practices, sometimes a species of stock market can appear white color between the bleeding that has been expelled with the aid from cytotec. It is recommended that the woman keeps rest since is a somewhat aggressive treatment that will bring consequently that it feels weak to be able to realise his activities daily. In the same way it is important to stand out that sometimes bleeding can even last three weeks after was put in process the treatment, and the normal period of the woman will return around a month and a half.


The Length about 2 hours provides plenty of space for relaxing, almost a meditative relaxation. The herbal stamp massage versus hot roll, there are many means to soften a tense muscles again or to soothe tense nerves. Pain in the joints and muscles are nowadays very widespread, this is mainly to lack of movement and bad posture. Stress and tension can influence but also on the muscles and cause tension mainly in the neck and shoulder area. Here to help massage and heat that goes into the depths of the muscles.

Be used certain herbs, the effect can worsen. The application of the herbal stamp massage the effects of massage are well known, they loosen the muscles up in deep tissue layers. Why then herbal stamp? Herbs are used in this type of massage in linen to fist punches”are packed. These are either in hot oil or water soaked and then in drumming movements over the areas to be treated. Here are several pleasant aspects: the heat, the herbs and the massaging motion. As a result, tension can dissolve faster, also the metabolism is stimulated. If this is set in motion and blood circulation is promoted, the body is purified better. Heat the hot roll and the factors that are used against complaints of various kinds are the hot role.

Mainly, the back is treated with a hot role, here tension can be solved very well. A hot roll can be used in the household but also to other complaints, bronchitis or blockage of the intestine. It is also very effective in nervousness, this heat is generally very helpful. When used by a massage therapist, are also two rolled towels, which were filled with hot water, used. Heat and humidity in conjunction with pressure have proven themselves, at the same time to loosen up and to stimulate. The aroma oil massage and their effect the effect of scented oils on the well-being of the people is indisputable.

Handgemixt Products

Mineral makeup Handgemixt by the makeup artist Conny Warmuth Berlin that the United States is again considered a pioneer in terms of innovations and trends, is not new. Whether in music, sports or just cosmetic. We record sooner or later like much of this in our everyday lives. Something special but we have missed for years: mineral makeup. In the 1990s, the Americans for the first time have discovered this kind of makeup to and found a growing crowd of loyal supporters. Only good 10 years later a young man from Berlin has written on the flag, to bring these products to Germany. Not only to to make them known in Germany and to sell, but also equal to synthesize. Models, actors or just the woman next door were convinced even then quickly make-up of the mineral in the United States the benefits, because the naturalness and the high skin tolerance.

This is mainly due to the fact that all products (for example, on a base of pure minerals and natural pigments build and contain no oils, fats, silicones, or preservatives. That makes them a very worthwhile alternative to conventional make-up especially for allergy sufferers. Anyone who value sets to look uniform, natural-looking, will be thrilled with the result. I’m myself again and again surprised as you can set the skin so quickly, easily, and it so acceptable in the right light.”so cowarcosmetics founder of Conny Warmuth. The advantages of used minerals and the special pigment mixture are a more intense coverage and a natural UV protection: the light is reflected, so the skin is naturally protected from UV radiation, small pleats as large pores are just gently outshines.

And all this without the effect that the skin looks “plastered”. All products with a special brush be applied either dry, moist or as a liquid primer, it mingles easily with his moisturizer. In particular the simplicity and Naturalness also ensure that more and more men with the products of the face minerals series deal. Ask hand, but they often still behind privately. I’m glad of course, but I’m not surprised. Firstly, mineral makeup is very easy to use, and secondly, it doesn’t look like make-up. It looks simply fresh and neat. “Yes, increasingly want to men.” says Conny. The face minerals series is based on three simple components: the basemyday primer, the colorkick Rouge colors and the theendtostart powders. His personal color primer, 3 Rouge and 2 powder tones can be found in 18 shades. All products are mixed here in Berlin crafted directly from Conny Warmuth. So he ensures that only the highest quality ingredients in the doses and thus on the skin. More information and can be ordered under: Conny Warmuth – Berlin

Innovative Cosmetics

Word head, freelance copywriter, emerged with fresh ideas. Mannheim: Not only natural beauty, but also anti – aging and caring wellness products are currently strongly with consumers and therefore for the word head, free lyricist and copywriter, a charming area of responsibility. Face care is the largest segment in the cosmetics and is growing at about 5%. That leaves plenty of room for innovation and new products, but also successful product texts. One of these fresh products, that yearns for advertising and a harmonious packing, accompanied Word head now when the European market as a copywriter.

The texts for packaging and an understandable wording caused derzeitz with high pressure. Word head ( thus established itself as cosmetics copywriters and language specialist with the necessary sensitivity. Because the smallest linguistic nuances, it arrives in the advertising texts and in particular cosmetic advertising; at the same time, we need to have a flair for legal pitfalls of the statements. By the way: In particular anti aging cosmetics is by the consumers demand. And after soft Tan”is the cosmetic treatments, which can give a younger look in 2nd place of the wish list.

It is not only the women who ask for innovative cosmetics, but increasingly the Lords. The market for men’s cosmetics is growing disproportionately, especially the facial is strong demand. Here, in particular the proper care plays a role: three-quarters of all consumers looking for a body care that is friendly to the skin. Total has the market introduction of the new cosmetics series, accompanied the word head as a freelance copywriter, so potential: because the new cosmetic line is addressed to men and women alike, is innovative and can certainly build on a coherent wording.

Makeup Trends

Metallic effects, powerful colours, pink cheeks, natural look, Smokey eyes, dark eyebrows – these are the new trends! In the autumn and winter months the Make-Up trends opening new paths. “Eyes on and looked out!”-this could be the new motto. Because courage is announced for the new trends! But also classic beauties will come to the course. Smokey eyes emphasizes the eyes intensely modern effects in black. Abstract designs make the eyes an absolute eye-catcher. Slightly blurred eyeshadow make sexy and glamorous look the eyes. Dark, mystical eyes provide a penetrating look! Manufacturer: BUNDY BUNDY collection: simply Red copyright: BUNDY BUNDY metallic Smokey eyes effects through gold and bronze tones more interesting. Dazzling gold and shades of Brown are in general the trend.

The warm and gentle shades make tired eyes shine. The light is reflected by the shimmering glow. Applied in the eye creates a fascinating play of light. More info: Dr. John Mcdougall. Gentle lip colors in coordinated Autumn tones enhance the powerful effect even further. Manufacturer: Mirror mirror collection: decadence copyright: mirror mirror powerful colors colors that stand in the eye – not for the faint of heart! Strong, striking colors such as turquoise, purple, or white are combined with eyeliner. The eyes are conspicuously used in scene. Here, the eye shadow shapes may deviate from the norm and extravagant are highlighted. Manufacturer: Mirror mirror collection: decadence copyright: mirror mirror pink cheeks a natural-looking face is the be-all and end-all.

A light touch of Rouge on the cheeks will look rosy fresh and flawless complexion. It stressed eyelashes and perfect were shaped eyebrows of sophistication. The Eyeshadows are elected in gentle tones. The makeup to enhance only the impression of natural beauty, seem but not overloaded. Manufacturer: Apocalyps editions collection: all ages 2008 Copyright: Apocalyps editions natural look makeup is derived from the pink cheeks used to emphasize the sheer beauty. The refined look fresh and flawless skin. For the eyes a soft color palette is used. The face is a modern touch and given a romantic expression by gentle blush. Manufacturer: Mirror mirror collection: change copyright: mirror the trend of artificial-looking line brewing withdraws mirror dark eyebrows, and the natural brows take its place. With a special pen, which is a shade darker than the natural color, these are drawn and stressed. Dark eyebrows are now chic! Manufacturer: Hair arena collection: Pridge copyright: Marina Sturm Pridge sources: * * A.Loeb Editorial make_up_herbst_winter_2008_2009.html

Rhine Dream Cosmetics

Rose the one Eau de Parfum by Dolce & Gabbana enchants with the sensual accents of the rose the designer duo Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana met in 1980 in an atelier in Milan and created the first joint collection in 1982. Domenico Dolce was born in 1958 in Palermo. He at the age of 7 his father taught him how to sew a jacket. Stefano Gabbana was born in Milan in 1962. He worked first as a graphic designer before joining the fashion. The first drafts of the masters of the sex of Apaels did they produce in the textile factory of the father of Domenico Dolce. The popular designer fragrance line launched in 1992. The perfume Academy international pinch has them in 1993 for the best women’s fragrance, Dolce & Gabbana perfume”awarded a prize.

Rose the one is a tribute to the gracious rose. In the opener, this sensual experience with black currant, Tangerine and pink begins grapefruit. The seductive Bouguet from Bulgarian roses, peonies and lilies in the heart makes for a special moment. The creamy notes of vanilla, musk and sandalwood in the rear lift the romantic and feminine side of a woman even more out. About us: The online Perfume store offers a variety of brand perfumes and fragrance sets at fair and reasonable prices. The perfumes of popular manufacturers are all described in our shop. So, you can choose your favorite scents alone. The secrets of your favorite fragrance raw materials are revealed in our lexicon.

Enjoy your shopping and a customer-friendly atmosphere in. Our always growing customer base in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and Denmark confirmed total customer satisfaction. The family-owned company headquartered in the beautiful Rheingau continuously expanded its product variety of new Eau de Toilettes and Eau de Parfums. Press contact: Rhine dream cosmetics Martina Mayer freedom str. 14 65375 Oestrich-Winkel Tel. 06723-913389 mobile 0178-6820286 fax: 06723-913389 E-Mail: WWW: