Abrangncia Subcategoria

Distribution of the symbolic categories, abstracted from the free Test of Association of words, on the word-stimulaton ‘ ‘ interdisciplinaridade’ ‘. The analysis of the data gotten through the free test of association of words, whose word stimulaton was ‘ ‘ Work in equipe’ ‘ , it subsidized the formation of picture 02, as visualized below: Category: Related words the work emequipe, represented for the code (CRTeq), forming two subcategorias: Individual responsibility, represented for the code (SRRind), and the subcategoria common Responsibility (SRRcm). Category: Interdisciplinaridade Subcategoria: Related words the interdisciplinaridade Code thematic Unit orqudea thematic Unit tulipa Subcategoria: Commitment. SRIcm ‘ ‘ Devotion; patience; understanding; love; to make a good work; affection with the families; will to make coisas’ ‘. Union, group Subcategoria: SRInt interaction ‘ ‘ Partnership; friendship; dialogue; people backwards for the unit; together with the nurse; interaction; everything together; team; common vision; bringing the problems; palestras’ ‘. Work in team, the person to work in set with the colleagues, One helping the other, Collaborating, Complementation, Abrangncia Subcategoria: Cooparticipao SRIco ‘ ‘ It is trying to decide in the team; union; multiprofessionalism; it helps one to the other; cooperativismo; people look for to help the families; accompaniment of famlias’ ‘.

Efficiency, greater income, everything in horizontal form. Category: Unrelated words to the interdisciplinaridade Subcategoria: SNRid unfamiliarity ‘ ‘ I do not go to answer; I do not know; I do not know responder’ ‘.