National Parks

It is here that houses the large standing figure of Buddha in the East – the height of the statue is 33 meters. The southwestern part of the Korean Peninsula will open for you Marine National Park Dadohe Hyksan. It's 1700 islands, the smallest of which appear above the water surface and then disappear into the abyss. On Islands Hongda Sohyksando built hotel, where you can wonderfully relax to the sound of the surf. And at dawn is a way to come to admire the scenic cliffs and forested mountain slopes. Hire a boat or go foot? It's just your choice! And if you want, you can explore all the interesting from both perspectives. In the south stands one of the sacred mountains of Korea – Chirisan. Around it is a beautiful park with gorgeous forests, clean streams and ponds.

After rising to a peak Chonvangbong Nogodan or early in the morning or at sunset, you can see the beauty of natural dyes. Places of pilgrimage for many tourists are seven Buddhist churches, of which the chief – Nvaon-sa. Its construction was begun in the mid-fifth century. Park Chirisan give you the peace and grandeur of nature, will plunge into a purely Buddhist calm and look at the world in a new light. Four islands of emerald waters will open your eyes in the maritime national park, channel Hallyo (Halle). This 150-mile water area stretches from the island to the city of Yeosu Kochzhedo.

Once there, you can go to the study of coastal cliffs and caves, climb mountains, covered with lush vegetation, or to travel by ferry from Busan to Yeosu – the second largest city in Korea. Holiday in the National Park Hallyo – One of the best options for a quiet, relaxing holiday. Describe all the national parks of South Korea is simply impossible. But you have a chance to go even if not all, so at least a few of them. You'll find that each has its own history and its "soul", its charm and grandeur. And, perhaps, come again to this amazing country, you'll want to once again walk along the paths, sit by a mountain stream and to forget about worries. You will see life in a completely different perspective – through the wisdom of nature and the creation of human hands. And one of the wonderful parks of South Korea once again will give you strength and confidence that you will not come back here for nothing.

Broken Column Frida Life

Frida Kahlo is a famous painter who was born in 1907 in Mexico City and was the wife of Diego Rivera, a famous muralist (ie painting frescoes on the walls of the cities). Through an analysis of his paintings, try to understand how it was his life and how they represent the major periods of his life through his art. The table on which we base is an oil on masonite titled The Broken Column, painted in 1944. As we discovered this painting, we show some events in the life of Frida. Suffering With only six years, Frida Kahlo had polio, which resulted in great suffering for her. At age 17, had a bus accident that turned minuvalida.

As a result, he broke his spine and so had to wear a brace and immobilized in bed. In fact, they note in the Broken Column Frida wears a corset with sleeves that keep your spine straight while being represented by a cracked Ionic column that divides the body into two. In the half of his body is a bloody wound and note that Frida is crying, what it symbolizes the physical and psychological pain. It is riddled with nails which represent the torment of his life as he underwent 32 surgeries. It also presents a larger nail is on her left breast, that is in his heart. It can evoke pity he due to the infidelity of her husband.

The Persons

Ideally, all are workers, even those with dependants the Organization of everything, but in reality this phenomenon occurs in very different ways, not only in the fashion industry but in all the existing societies in the world. The distribution of credits according to their work and contribution is not much less fair and equitable, but is a need for individuals who are influenced by the system, and thus comes to be with what they can comply without right to request nothing beyond, not so much for not wanting it but because they simply don’t know it. I do not know involve them in the entire process, being partial knowledge they have about what they are doing and the purpose that has your participation in this phenomenon. Taking fashion as for the socialization aspect or that it influences this, classes are all different but at the same time can be generalized in co-workers. Interests are related and the need is the same place that generally share an economic situation and a similar social status, identification with this same process is achieved to the moment in which fall into a common reality people with ways of thinking and similar searches for themselves and their families. Equally, buyers and consumers of the product of fashion, whether speaking of textile goods, Couture, designs or simply fashion for physical beauty such as plastic surgery, facial creams, beauty products, etc.; they are an important part of the system of socialization that carries with it this phenomenon. The phenomenon gives all the elements the individual to create a particular identity, depending on your taste and your purposes with respect to fashion will be the quantity, quality and quality of what they consume, and is also influenced by influenced by external media or personal interest. It is a means of socialization indirect, since the relationships which are established through the consumption of fashion are not of words or common social awareness, they simply occur by sharing an election, and consequently, a formation of private and social identity against the environment in which each one of the persons is located. .


If you want to make your ex girlfriend feel attracted to you you must recognize that what is a challenge. This is certainly a reality especially in cases in which the break was with someone who was not at all friendly. When a relationship breaks down, it can be an emotional torture for both people. Attempting to reconstruct the dynamics of love from what may be a great effort but it is not something that is quite impossible. It has to be determined, committed and willing if you really want her to be back. The best way to have his ex-girlfriend attracted to you again is putting all his romantic side on this and become part of his life as a friend. Although that may seem counterproductive because you still WADA, it isn’t at all.

Just after the relationship ends, both need time to cool a little time. If you press it incessantly back, she may think that you do not respect their feelings or needs. It is best if you try to place in her life as a friend and show that it is sympathetic and understanding of what is happening to her. Then, as you do to be a friend of a woman for which you are crazy in love? You have to learn to sort their emotions in perspective. Consider the fact that if you want to make her feel attracted to you again, need that she can rebuild confidence toward you. You have to show through actions, that what really concerns him is the interest of it. If you can be his friend everything will get this. Once she begins to feel close to you again, your heart will be opening again and she will remember the reasons of the because you fell in love. Original author and source of the article.

Tourism And Economic Development

TOURISM AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: PERSPECTIVE FOR EUNPOLIS/BA Clvia Saints of Almeida* SUMMARY: The present work will search to present questions on the economic tourism and the perspectives for this activity in Eunpolis Bahia, being aimed at to understand the narrow bows between the place, its history and economy. It will still analyze the organization, integrant structure and preparativeses while of the Coast of the Discovery. Word-key: Tourism, development, economy and planning. Introduction: In Brazil, the Tourism comes if detaching as economic activity in growth. Many investments have been made for foreign companies of the same segment starting to give to a bigger subsidy the Brazilian tourist activity.

It is known that much has been said of Tourism its problematic and as with this phenomenon can help in the economic development, social and cultural of the country. Therefore, many are the numbers that point the positive advantages in the economy of a tourist destination, or tourist city, amongst them, the increase of the offers of work and income for local population, contributing for the growth and organization of the cities since that it has a well elaborated planning. ' ' Hoje' ' , Eunpolis enters as tourist, inserted destination in the Coast of the Discovery, creating expectations for its economic development, allowing new chances of job for local community. The proposal searches of directed as to understand and as the tourist activity in the city of Eunpolis will be become fullfilled Bahia, as it will be organized, as infrastructure, in what it says respect to little offers that the city provides and which the offered tourist attractions. For in such a way the bibliographical research was overcome as theoretical subsidy, in sites, monographs and books. It is intended with this work to show the true scene of the city while tourist destination and which the perspectives for its economic development.