Patient Draft

On the seventh day phenomenon of surgical trauma disappeared in 87% of the group research and 69% of the control group. Radiological findings were assessed before treatment and after 6 and 12 months after surgery. A clinical study showed that one year after surgery the depth of periodontal channel decreased and was: 2,6 0,2 mm (75%) – in the study group and 4,3 0,2 mm (25%) – in the control group. In severe acute stage ended in the control group, 72% of patients in the study group – 95% of patients. Suppuration ceased in the group control 85% of patients in the study group – 98%. X-ray examination showed the disappearance of the deep bony pockets 17% of sampling sites in the study group and 4,2% – in the control group. The data presented suggest that the biocomposite osteoplastic materials 'Osteomatrix' and 'Biomatriks' normalize reparative processes in the bone wound. Patient Draft EA was carried out scrappy operation Widmann – Neumann – Tseshinskomu in central teeth with the diagnosis: chronic generalized severe periodontitis in the acute stage.

Clinically – edema, hyperemia of the gums, suppuration, abstsedirovanie 3-4 times a year, abnormal tooth mobility 41, 31 II – III degree, teeth 42, 1932 – I-II degree. Periodontal pockets of 6-9 mm. Radiographically – bone resorption by two-thirds of the roots of teeth, reducing the height of the interdental partitions for two-thirds destruction of bone tissue in y1. A: 1. Teaching oral hygiene, followed by control. 2. Removal of dental plaque.

Julio Dent

Inquiry of July: good, my name is Julio. I need to extract a tooth (wheel) me to then place me an implant, but in my clinic have told me that the process until placed me the piece is about four months and I wanted to ask if VDS in the Vitaldent de Mostoles get put vital dent implants in less time. Thanks a lot. Dear Julio: For placement of implants or prosthetic vital dent after extractions generally Yes there are times of rest of tissues. But in relation to the placement of implants vital dent there are different techniques which are adapted according to the conditions of the tissues in the area, the best way to respond to your questions so that we can evaluate your mouth in Vitaldent Mostoles in a personalized way, therefore mark an appointment as soon as possible and thus you will resolve your doubts. Best regards.

Carles’s query: for the realization of an implant vital dent must be sufficient bone surface for such implant, and in the case of little bone, adjust the placement and size diameter of the implant vital dent in the centered position, do you work with this technique to avoid so you implant break bone to replace it? Thanks, Carles. Dear Carles: indicating an implant vital dent, our specialists take all precautions to ensure that the indication, screening and selection of technique is most suitable. Referring specifically to the guided surgery, Yes, we also work with her in Vitaldent. So the best thing is that you call and you request an appointment in Vitaldent Mostoles, ask if in that clinic that technique is used for implants and requests an evaluation without commitment. At that time asked any questions, we will respond all questions so you feel quiet and you can make your decision with security.

Best regards. Macario query: I have two teeth that I move, are the two that are below the palettes in the lower jaw, it is better to put a bridge or implant vital dent? Is it painful? Do you put in? immediate or put some provisional? Greetings, thank you. Dear Macario: To know if it is necessary to remove or not the pieces, put implants vital dent or fixed bridges it is essential that we can personally evaluate you in Vitaldent Mostoles. Every mouth is very different from the other, the implants depend on the level of the bone and other situations of health oral to be able to tell or not. All forms and much more if we are referring to the front part of the mouth where aesthetics is fundamental, always looks for a temporary cosmetic solution as soon as the definitive work, are delivered regardless of whether the method is through of vital dent implants or bridge fixed. In relation to whether it is painful or not, you can stay calm, because placement of implants vital dent is a simple technique and the patient’s recovery is fast and hassle-free provided that you follow the recommendations of the doctor of Vitaldent Mostoles. He is performed under anesthesia and in cases in which the patient is very nervous you can pre medicate you to decrease anxiety. In summary, the first thing is the assessment in Vitaldent so you solve all your doubts and in the hour in which talk to the doctors of Vital Dent Mostoles explain with confidence your fears.

Intercultural Training United States

Success in the United States of America has been a key factor – cross cultural training global cultures intercultural training United States: so close and yet so far from Bonanza, Star Trek (Starship Enterprise for the older generation), John Wayne and high chapparal already in the 50s and 60s appeared inside the TV as an intercultural training United States. The terms were the Americans or the Yanks synonyms for residents of the United States, although other Nations beyond the big pond Yes strictly speaking are Americans. The Americans sent care packages, they financed the reconstruction and protect us from the Communist threat from the East. They gave the Germans the gum, the rock roll and the hamburger. In short, the American way of life has taken root in Germany already early also. Reason enough, because of this familiarity, an intercultural training United States refrain from? ERfolgreich in the United States with the intercultural TraiNing of global cultures as the largest VolksWirtSchaft of Earth the United States are still the ProMInent market for WestEUropaische operations. Although many of us have grown up with the typical American culture MenTLitats – and communication differences still remain between the old and new worlds. The AMERican way of life”can represent for a Europaer some unexpected stumbling blocks and obstacles.

Straight because the States erscheinen so much advance the West EUropaeern, such UNTERschiede be UNTERschatzt often. The cultural TraiNing of global culTures verschafft you the Notigen knowledge, to make your business success ProBably. IndiVIduElle solution strategies in the intercultural TraiNing United States the intercultural TraiNing of global cultures gives you an insight into the workings and prepares obstacles. With this knowledge you can unerwartete SITuationen also flexibel and trendy react and effektiv kommunizieren with your U.S. business spartnern or MITarbeitern. In the intercultural TraiNing United States, you are in VORbereitet on GEschaftliche aufENThalte in the United States.Through a special and individual program, you are optimally trained on the planned business relationship. Kurzzeitiges international project or branchenspezifisches intercultural TroubleshooTing – the key to your ERfolg in the United States is an intercultural TraiNing United States.

Global culTures – akademie for praxisgerechte intercultural TraiNings United States after an intercultural TraiNing United States from global culTures you be sharpened not only your bewusstsein for your own culture, your eigenen management style, and your atTItude to the co-operation with Kollegen and business spartnern from the United States, but steigern also your EFfizienz in the comMuNICAtion CLEArly with your Kollegen and business spartnern from the United States. This makes you not through trial and error, but from the first time on Toyo decisions gezielt to meet and thus effizienter to act as well as aufzuBauen a KoOPERAtion based on gegenseitigen vertrauens. This leads to a performance increase of your gesamten company and is the basis for your business success in the United States. Intercultural TraiNing United States – auslandserFAHRene dozenten from the private sector experts, which you train at global cultures are off the free Wirtsxhaft. You become very familiar with the requirements of the day-to-day business. Basic requirement is a langjahrige erFAHrung with the jeweiligen destination at our horfunk. So are our horfunk for our intercultural TraiNings United States entweder directly from the United States or can VORWeisen a Mehrjahrige berufliche practice in the United States. Our customers can profitieren from direkten erFAHrungen from the wirtschaftlichen practice. The Principle the business relevance of unserer programmes and the UMsetZung in the berufliche practice uberdurchSchnittLich and garantiert thus outStanDing erGEBNISSE for the success of your business after unserem intercultural TraiNing United States.


The Length about 2 hours provides plenty of space for relaxing, almost a meditative relaxation. The herbal stamp massage versus hot roll, there are many means to soften a tense muscles again or to soothe tense nerves. Pain in the joints and muscles are nowadays very widespread, this is mainly to lack of movement and bad posture. Stress and tension can influence but also on the muscles and cause tension mainly in the neck and shoulder area. Here to help massage and heat that goes into the depths of the muscles.

Be used certain herbs, the effect can worsen. The application of the herbal stamp massage the effects of massage are well known, they loosen the muscles up in deep tissue layers. Why then herbal stamp? Herbs are used in this type of massage in linen to fist punches”are packed. These are either in hot oil or water soaked and then in drumming movements over the areas to be treated. Here are several pleasant aspects: the heat, the herbs and the massaging motion. As a result, tension can dissolve faster, also the metabolism is stimulated. If this is set in motion and blood circulation is promoted, the body is purified better. Heat the hot roll and the factors that are used against complaints of various kinds are the hot role.

Mainly, the back is treated with a hot role, here tension can be solved very well. A hot roll can be used in the household but also to other complaints, bronchitis or blockage of the intestine. It is also very effective in nervousness, this heat is generally very helpful. When used by a massage therapist, are also two rolled towels, which were filled with hot water, used. Heat and humidity in conjunction with pressure have proven themselves, at the same time to loosen up and to stimulate. The aroma oil massage and their effect the effect of scented oils on the well-being of the people is indisputable.

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass is a mixed type surgery since two things are made in order to achieve the objective which is to make the patient lose weight. If you have obesity please do not spend overlooked the fact that obesity is a serious problem that is already affecting your health, your self-esteem and the fact that it is a progressive problem. There are different types of obesity surgeries and gastric bypass is one of them, is a very safe surgery and guarantees you that you come down between 75 and 100 percent of the overweight that you had before the operation. The gastric bypaas achieves that you go down in weight because it significantly reduces the size of your stomach, because it takes a space for him to receive food, have less capacity to store food, you llenaras you much faster that before doing that you go down in weight. Obesity also that it affects your self-esteem brings you multiple secondary diseases that greatly affect you, affects your heart and bring hypertension, you can acquire diabetes and even some types of cancer. With surgery gastric bypass as well as lower overweight is verified that you can control your blood pressure and improve your tolerance to physical activity, improving your self-esteem and returning you much healthier..