Patient Draft

On the seventh day phenomenon of surgical trauma disappeared in 87% of the group research and 69% of the control group. Radiological findings were assessed before treatment and after 6 and 12 months after surgery. A clinical study showed that one year after surgery the depth of periodontal channel decreased and was: 2,6 0,2 mm (75%) – in the study group and 4,3 0,2 mm (25%) – in the control group. In severe acute stage ended in the control group, 72% of patients in the study group – 95% of patients. Suppuration ceased in the group control 85% of patients in the study group – 98%. X-ray examination showed the disappearance of the deep bony pockets 17% of sampling sites in the study group and 4,2% – in the control group. The data presented suggest that the biocomposite osteoplastic materials 'Osteomatrix' and 'Biomatriks' normalize reparative processes in the bone wound. Patient Draft EA was carried out scrappy operation Widmann – Neumann – Tseshinskomu in central teeth with the diagnosis: chronic generalized severe periodontitis in the acute stage.

Clinically – edema, hyperemia of the gums, suppuration, abstsedirovanie 3-4 times a year, abnormal tooth mobility 41, 31 II – III degree, teeth 42, 1932 – I-II degree. Periodontal pockets of 6-9 mm. Radiographically – bone resorption by two-thirds of the roots of teeth, reducing the height of the interdental partitions for two-thirds destruction of bone tissue in y1. A: 1. Teaching oral hygiene, followed by control. 2. Removal of dental plaque.

Julio Dent

Inquiry of July: good, my name is Julio. I need to extract a tooth (wheel) me to then place me an implant, but in my clinic have told me that the process until placed me the piece is about four months and I wanted to ask if VDS in the Vitaldent de Mostoles get put vital dent implants in less time. Thanks a lot. Dear Julio: For placement of implants or prosthetic vital dent after extractions generally Yes there are times of rest of tissues. But in relation to the placement of implants vital dent there are different techniques which are adapted according to the conditions of the tissues in the area, the best way to respond to your questions so that we can evaluate your mouth in Vitaldent Mostoles in a personalized way, therefore mark an appointment as soon as possible and thus you will resolve your doubts. Best regards.

Carles’s query: for the realization of an implant vital dent must be sufficient bone surface for such implant, and in the case of little bone, adjust the placement and size diameter of the implant vital dent in the centered position, do you work with this technique to avoid so you implant break bone to replace it? Thanks, Carles. Dear Carles: indicating an implant vital dent, our specialists take all precautions to ensure that the indication, screening and selection of technique is most suitable. Referring specifically to the guided surgery, Yes, we also work with her in Vitaldent. So the best thing is that you call and you request an appointment in Vitaldent Mostoles, ask if in that clinic that technique is used for implants and requests an evaluation without commitment. At that time asked any questions, we will respond all questions so you feel quiet and you can make your decision with security.

Best regards. Macario query: I have two teeth that I move, are the two that are below the palettes in the lower jaw, it is better to put a bridge or implant vital dent? Is it painful? Do you put in? immediate or put some provisional? Greetings, thank you. Dear Macario: To know if it is necessary to remove or not the pieces, put implants vital dent or fixed bridges it is essential that we can personally evaluate you in Vitaldent Mostoles. Every mouth is very different from the other, the implants depend on the level of the bone and other situations of health oral to be able to tell or not. All forms and much more if we are referring to the front part of the mouth where aesthetics is fundamental, always looks for a temporary cosmetic solution as soon as the definitive work, are delivered regardless of whether the method is through of vital dent implants or bridge fixed. In relation to whether it is painful or not, you can stay calm, because placement of implants vital dent is a simple technique and the patient’s recovery is fast and hassle-free provided that you follow the recommendations of the doctor of Vitaldent Mostoles. He is performed under anesthesia and in cases in which the patient is very nervous you can pre medicate you to decrease anxiety. In summary, the first thing is the assessment in Vitaldent so you solve all your doubts and in the hour in which talk to the doctors of Vital Dent Mostoles explain with confidence your fears.


Of all the dental treatments, implants are possibly one of the most interesting for patients with teeth in poor condition (or the absence of teeth), since they provide an aesthetic solution effective and definitive especially. Many people interested in implants come each week to the dental clinic of Gandia of the Dr. Paula Vidal, an expert in implantology and aesthetic in its dental clinic of Gandia. Many of your questions about implants tend to be the same, therefore here responds to the main doubts of patients. And if you want a complete information, you can read the 20 questions and answers about dental implants. On the age of the patients there is no age limit for implants.

We often undertake a review pre-implantes and a scanner to find out various elements such as the bone volume or a root fracture. The number of implants varies depending on the number of teeth that need to be replaced. In any case, a previous study of your oral health is necessary prior to placement of implants. On the day of the surgery typically put a temporary tooth fixed just after placement of the implant, with an aesthetic end. It is not systematic and depends on each case. With this, you can make practically normal life until the permanent teeth (usually at 2 or 3 months), are placed.

In the days following the intervention we recommend that patients eat soft foods for the first week. Load supported of provisional teeth depends of the initial situation (absence of a single tooth or several) and individual process of healing. It is not necessary to ask for a sick leave for the days following the intervention, even if it’s several implants. For the maintenance of the crowns of the implants, they need the same type of care as natural teeth. In addition to the daily brush we review the status of their implants in their annual reviews and inspections. On the other hand, a few spaces are especially intended to facilitate the use of dental floss. On the placement of the final fixed prosthesis the denture can be done in several stages and depends on each patient. You usually wait between 2 and 3 months (bone healing phase) after the placement of implants to put the definitive prosthesis, although sometimes it can be the same day of the intervention. Obviously not let you without tooth and will take a few fixed temporary teeth (screwed) during the entire phase of healing. A provisional prosthesis is used because the gums slightly change shape with healing.

Prosthesis Teeth

Man with a loss of front teeth does not reflect – prosthesis or not, he understands that in such a situation, an urgent need to do something, because there is a cosmetic defect, breach of diction, difficulties begin in the diet. But when it comes to the issue of lateral teeth, many people often do not think about the need to appeal to the dentist. Therefore, dental treatment and prosthetics – it's a personal responsibility for their health rights. But turning timely medical attention, you can stop many diseases and complications. Even removing a single tooth requires replacement. Why? – Violated the integrity of the dentition.

Teeth may differ between the teeth often occur gap (three), which is the main reason for the emergence and strengthening of periodontitis. – On the opposite side and adjacent teeth chewing load is redistributed torn tooth, which results in an overload the opposite side, and unilateral chewing. – The load is distributed not only on teeth but also on the temporomandibular joint. – The loss of one tooth adjacent teeth sloping toward the defect (medial shift). This becomes a cause of superkontaktov as changes papulose-fissure tooth-antagonist relationship. Superkontakty – is premature interdental contacts arising from the chewing of food as balancing, as well as on the working side. That is, if we eat food from the right side, the teeth interlock first bumps on the left side, where there is no bolus, despite the fact that the jaw is shifted to the right. Strengthening occlusal forces on the working side begins closing the teeth.

Cause of premature contacts may be abnormal bite. Therefore, for the treatment and prevention of dental system in children's parents have timely access to the orthodontist. In normal chewing load is made elastic deformation of the mandible. If the defect is exacerbated by the teeth that leads to premature occurrence of contacts. With such a load of his teeth are deformed by bending, as the tooth feels a burden not only on axis but also lateral, and rotational. These strains deepened when bending of the tooth or its transfer. Because of this there are wedge-shaped defects (non-carious lesion of dental hard tissues), as well as the process of dissection of the gums. Gums is reduced, since around the tooth starts declining bone in the ground congestion in the area of compression broken bone meal. Overloaded teeth often can be easily installed on of wear (excessive or abnormal abrasion). Thus, the loss of even a single tooth may eventually cause general imbalance of dental systems. Question arises: why do many people with a lack of even a few teeth issues described above do not have? Dentoalveolar system has a strong compensatory mechanisms. But they are not limitless. Therefore, even a large loss of teeth and periodontitis is the regrouping of forces, the body fights increases chewing cycle, the load is redistributed to other teeth and so on. For example, the front Teeth are for biting food, and with a lack of side-man tries to chew the food front. Sometimes in such cases, even achieve great success – chewing toothless jaws, or remnants of roots. So, how much more effective to run our bodies, in particular the dental system, if we support it, and how we extend and strengthen the provision of other teeth, if everything is functioning correctly.