Patient Draft

On the seventh day phenomenon of surgical trauma disappeared in 87% of the group research and 69% of the control group. Radiological findings were assessed before treatment and after 6 and 12 months after surgery. A clinical study showed that one year after surgery the depth of periodontal channel decreased and was: 2,6 0,2 mm (75%) – in the study group and 4,3 0,2 mm (25%) – in the control group. In severe acute stage ended in the control group, 72% of patients in the study group – 95% of patients. Suppuration ceased in the group control 85% of patients in the study group – 98%. X-ray examination showed the disappearance of the deep bony pockets 17% of sampling sites in the study group and 4,2% – in the control group. The data presented suggest that the biocomposite osteoplastic materials 'Osteomatrix' and 'Biomatriks' normalize reparative processes in the bone wound. Patient Draft EA was carried out scrappy operation Widmann – Neumann – Tseshinskomu in central teeth with the diagnosis: chronic generalized severe periodontitis in the acute stage.

Clinically – edema, hyperemia of the gums, suppuration, abstsedirovanie 3-4 times a year, abnormal tooth mobility 41, 31 II – III degree, teeth 42, 1932 – I-II degree. Periodontal pockets of 6-9 mm. Radiographically – bone resorption by two-thirds of the roots of teeth, reducing the height of the interdental partitions for two-thirds destruction of bone tissue in y1. A: 1. Teaching oral hygiene, followed by control. 2. Removal of dental plaque.


The scientific evolution has allowed that with the passage of history the discovery and treatment of such serious problems such as breast cancer, down radically the mortality rate that has now, thanks to the invention of novel treatments that save the lives of thousands of women every year. Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that is hosted on the breast of women, this causes the cells to grow without causing complications in breast ducts, without commenting on the appearance of the dreaded tumor; This problem usually leads to amputation of the affected breast, but in most cases this is not enough, as other regions of the body are also committed, because the lymphatic vessels have transported the cancerous cells to other parts of the body, causing serious health problems and in a large percentage of people die. The appearance of breast cancer is due to several factors as highly fatty food intake or the lack of fruits and vegetables in the daily diet; Although it has been shown that there are other factors that help the development of this condition, some of them as envelope weight, excess alcohol and others such as hormone therapy and radiation. Does the development of the breast cancer in women causes some symptoms such as:? Discharge from the nipple. Irritation. Breast pain. Inflammation of the breast.

Redness of the affected breast. Scaling on the breast. Lump in the breast. These symptoms are the most common, although it is good to say that there are some other much more severe as excessive growth and deformation of breasts. Recent studies have shown that 60 percent of women develop breast cancer after 45 years of age, although usually the discovery of this evil is given after 55 years of age when it is too late, since this too advanced cancer. The recommendation of experts therefore attend review at least 3 times per year, or at least make the homemade touch, in order to identify any abnormalities of the breast. Medicine has developed some procedures that help to treat this problem satisfactorily; they are:? & n bsp; Radiation therapy: this procedure is based on using x-ray high frequency, in order to destroy cancer cells and prevent their recreation by other sectors of the body. Surgery: it consists of surgery to achieve the removal of the tumor; in the majority of cases the removal of tumour is successfully made, but in others is such the advancement of tumor that amputation of the breast becomes necessary.

Hormone therapy: is based on very strong medications that block the production of hormones that stimulate the growth of cancer cells. It is good to mention that as all oncologic procedures these procedures have consequences; some of them such as:? Loss of mobility. ? & n bsp; Breast irritation. Muscle moms increase. Vomiting. Nausea. Among others. Given the above is demonstrated that breast cancer is a condition of care, so as not There is no excuse to let go where a medical oncologist to avoid this serious problem.

Mesotherapy Cellulite

There are some substances that may affect the pathogenetic links cellulite: hypertrophy of adipocytes (xanthine derivatives caffeine, theobromine, etc.), vascular disorders (horse chestnut, gingko) overgrowth of fibrous tissue (mainly in a struggle with hypoxia, ie, improving the supply of oxygen to tissues, optimization of cell respiration). All vegetable ingredients that are anti-cellulite cosmetics – extracts of Centella Asiatic (gotu kola), coffee, cocoa and tea, brown and red algae (Laminaria japonica, L diqitata, L sacharina, Fucus vesiculosus), cola, guarana, ginkgo, horse chestnut, etc. – can be included in the mesotherapeutic cocktails. For respiratory stimulation and exchange of applied cell carnitine, coenzyme Q10. With mesotherapy, skin type, trace amounts of cocktail composed of anti-cellulite ingredients that slowly spread from the area injection into the surrounding tissue and, presumably, "melt" fat, tone blood vessels, reduce swelling, stimulate cell respiration, etc. If you are not convinced, visit Dr. Neal Barnard. This allows us to deliver all of these substances in subcutaneous tissue, and delivered locally, not extending them throughout the body. Since the serious study of this technique has not yet started, until you can not say anything about what its effectiveness, and to what extent its effect is determined the influence of active components, and to what extent – edema, occurring after the injections, and conceal the appearance of cellulite. Nevertheless, many practitioners aesthetists note that mesotherapy is one of the most spectacular means to influence cellulite, especially if the client agrees to make some changes in your lifestyle, schedule a day and exercise dramatically changing the diet.

We consider two cosmetic drug mesotherapy for cellulite control: Lipoles – the most advanced product on the market using mesotherapeutic ingredients that burn fat and tightens the skin. As a pre-mixed cocktail Lipoles contains the latest and most powerful ingredients that metabolize body fat and tone the skin for an application. Fosfatidilkolin – a substance that destroys fat, was originally used for the treatment of platelets in heart disease, it was later discovered that its use is safe, effective and inexpensive treatment for localized fat deposits.

Parsley – Seasoning Or Medicinal Plants

Petroselinum crispum (Mill) A. Hill (P. sativum Hoffm. P. hortense auct.) – Parsley Ogorodnaya Sam. Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) – Umbrella Description.

Biennial herb with fusiform, white, fleshy root, in the first year develop: basal rosette, the leaves on long petioles, thrice pinnatisect, ovate, wedge-shaped, small leaves, for the second year develops floriferous stems up to 50 (70) cm, erect, stout, glabrous, furrowed, branched, stem leaves petiolate, prevailing torque. Flowers in umbels of 8-20 complex main beams. Petals 5, yellow-green. The fruit is round-ovoid, grayish-green with prominent ribs filiform, divided into two halves. It flowers from July to August. Distribution. Grown in gardens throughout the country as a seasoning and a vegetable. The ancient cultural plant unclarified origin (probably from South-Eastern Europe or Western Asia).

Cultivated throughout Europe and naturalized. Raw materials. Fruit (Fructus Petroselini) and roots (Radix Petroselini). Content. In all parts of plants, especially many in the fruit, contains essential oil (2 – 7%), and a rich apiolom myristicin. In addition, in the roots, as well as in plodnikah, and in the green part Plants containing flavonoids (apiin, graveobiotsid A). The main action. Diuretic, antispasmodic. Experimental and clinical data. All of the parsley garden has a diuretic effect, due to the presence of essential oils and flavonoids. It is established that due to quantitative differences in the distribution of these components in different parts of the parsley, much more strongly diuretic fruit than the roots. The diuretic effect of essential oil of parsley is the result of direct effects on renal tubules. Spasmolytic effect of parsley is determined primarily by the action of flavonoids contained in it. In acute experiments on cats found that water, ethanol and methanol extracts of parsley cause a significant reduction in blood pressure. High doses of essential oil and alcoholic extract of seeds affects central nervous system, causing mild dizziness. These doses irritate the kidneys and digestive tract and, furthermore, may cause uterine bleeding and miscarriage. Contained in the essential oil of parsley at a dilution of 1:100 myristicin 000, entered the guinea pig, causes severe contraction of the uterus and improves its tone. In experiments calling abortion parsley seeds described many fatal poisonings. Aqueous extracts containing very small amount of essential oil, do not constitute a significant risk. According to studies, parsley juice, applied to people, 77% of cases clearly increases the acidity of gastric juice and enhances the motility of the stomach wall. Method of application. Half a teaspoon of crushed plodnikov insist in a glass of water for 8 hours (daily dose) can be cooked and hot infusion – 4 teaspoons minced root pour 1 / 4 boiling water, strain after 15 minutes – The dose for two days. Most often, roots and seeds of parsley is prescribed in combination with other herbs, such as Herba Equiseti, Folia Betulae, Herba Polygoni aviculare, Radix Ononidis. Fruit and parsley roots are contained in various mixtures of combined diuretic (eg Hydrocorin) or preparations (for example, Nephrisan). – Medicinal Plants

Family Planning

Naturally, you want to explore and her husband. At the first examination tests for various infections. Dr. Neal Barnard can aid you in your search for knowledge. They are important to avoid before pregnancy, since then may be in big trouble, especially with viral infections. Viruses can live in the body, does not prove itself, but is actively multiplying in embryos and fetuses often die even in the last week of pregnancy or shortly after birth. Also at the initial examination, we estimate: the state of the organism for adhesions in the pelvis, especially if a woman burdened by history (if it has already suffered an inflammation of the appendages, uterine, or had an abortion). Adhesions are best detected with by laparoscopy. Through a small incision in the navel of the inspection of the uterus, tubes, ovaries, peritoneum.

Laparoscopy is good because it gives the opportunity to immediately remove the identified pathology, and further treatment month schedule is measured rectal temperature (rectal). Dr. Neal Barnard contains valuable tech resources. Also studied sex hormones, an ultrasound is done, the work is estimated ovaries. It is very important to follow, whether grown, dominant follicles (ie, where the egg is actually taken), as ovulation occurs. And if all are normal, then the endocrine system in order. If there are violations, we treat them.

Drugs are selected solely individually, and treatment if all the recommendations is effective. When pregnancy occurs, it is a very happy event for us, I would probably rejoice, not less, than patients themselves. For me it’s real victory. We also monitor the pregnancy and often for its successful course appoint a woman the necessary preparations. What if all infections are eliminated, with the endocrine system all right, the tubes passable, but not all desired pregnancy occurs? In such cases, insemination with sperm is the husband, which is injected directly into the uterus. If necessary, you can repeat the insemination. But if it fails befall this time? There are other options, from stimulation of sperm from the husband to ekstrakorporapnogo fertilization. There are two major groups: primary and secondary infertility. Primary – if a woman has never pregnant, secondary – if the pregnancy was, but more to come. The reasons may be even the same, but for secondary infertility, the most dangerous thing – abortion. When a healthy organism has to adjust to pregnancy and preparing for the birth of a baby, abruptly and violently reshaping, he experiences a shock. So that the pregnancy should be taken as a gift, but if you it is not willing to consult with an expert on how to avoid conception. Now there are dozens of effective drugs and methods to prevent unintended pregnancies, perfectly harmless to the body.

Flat Feet

Focus on two periods in a person's life that may arise in the formation of starting torque of static flatfoot in varying degrees. Pregnancy is a period of full flowering of the female body. At the However, this period can become an agent provocateur number of undesirable consequences. Since we are talking about feet, it should be noted that during pregnancy, especially in recent months may be "settling" of the foot as longitudinal and transverse. Why is that? Weight gain of pregnant women, decreased physical, muscular activity during this period are natural to the whole organism, but for the lower neblagopryatnymi extremities. How does this affect the feet? Muscles, ligaments, support the arches of the foot, can not cope with the increased demands of the above reasons.

This leads to the initial development and clinical the appearance of flat feet – foot flattens out, there are pains. Already in this period may be necessary to use larger size shoes. By the way, pregnancy can often cause initial venous disorders of lower limbs and, as a result – the development of varicose veins "venous mesh" so-called "stars" on the skin surface of the small veins. Anticipating such additional burden on the body of a pregnant woman should carry out preventive measures, which we'll talk further. Another, fairly common cause of the initial manifestations of flat feet, are injuries of the lower limbs, forcing to walk with crutches, as well as injuries and illnesses with prolonged exposure to the need bedrest. The reason is the same – reduced overall activity, but consequently, the load on the muscles, which become unable to perform fully its function in starting the load on feet, resulting in the arch "settle." In cases where the victim is forced to go on crutches, body weight falls on one leg. The foot is loaded, is spread. At the same time broken leg does not participate in the walk, not loaded, and atrophy of muscles.

Start the load on the injured limb without preliminary training of the muscles often provokes the beginning of the flat foot. During pregnancy, injuries, illnesses, with a decrease or complete cessation of the load of the lower limbs for a long time be taken into account and control two things: 1. Maintain tone and strength of muscle systems 2. Tselenopravlenno maintain the correct anatomical position of the stop under load until it is restored muscle activity and force . How to prevent the development of staticheskogoo flat under the above conditions of the human body will be discussed in one of the following discussions on the prevention of flatfoot. Please be aware that prevention flat – is prevention and follow-up of possible foot deformities and toes. Source:

Chronic Venous Disorders

Risk factor for chronic venous disorders and serves obesity, so it is very important in body weight control. Daily diet of patients with chronic venous insufficiency should include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, foods rich in fiber. Necessary limit the use of sharp, fatty and salty foods, since they may exacerbate the edematous syndrome. Predisposition to the appearance of varicose veins, working conditions, contributing to this, as well as the emergence of symptoms are sufficient for compression therapy, it is the most reliable and affordable way of correction of the venous outflow and of the pump leg. You can use bandages or medical hosiery (stockings or tights golfy.). A well-designed elastic bandage and appropriately chosen compression stockings prevent the extension of superficial veins and accelerate the blood circulation of the deep venous system. The easiest way to elastic compression bandaging a leg.

At the same time use the bandages and the average short stretch. The imposition of a compression bandage to spend the morning before the patient got out of bed. The physician should educate the patient technical features of the procedure. Bint begin with the cast of the foot, right at the base of the fingers, then wound in a spiral so it that each subsequent round of closed prior to 2 / 3 the width of the bandage. Particularly important that was tightly bandaged heel – this is done using a specific technique. Should inform the patient that the maximum tension and therefore pressure bandage to provide in the foot and ankle in, they should gradually diminish toward the hip. Convenient for the patient and the most appropriate in terms of normalization of venous outflow from the lower extremities, of course, is to use a special compression hosiery. With it creates a fixed, graded, progressively decreasing from the periphery to the center of pressure.

The problem lies in the doctor’s recommendation required type products (socks, stockings or tights) and a class of compression. The patient must choose a product strictly on size and use it regularly. At present, Russian market there is a sufficient choice of medical hosiery High quality in a wide price range. For the prevention of progression of chronic venous insufficiency and the appropriate use of pharmacotherapy. The patient should be aware that medication solves several problems: increased tone of venous walls, improvement of microcirculation and lymph flow, relief of inflammation, correction of fluid properties of blood. C. For this purpose it is now widely used drugs for systemic effects, etc. And, finally, in cases of valvular lack of subcutaneous venous trunks and perforating veins should be to convince patients of the need for timely surgical intervention. They need to understand that properly executed operation protects them from the emergence and related hazards. Only joint efforts of the doctor and patient can lead to prevention of its recurrence, cupping events

Inner Wisdom

An example of testing whether you are ready to work: Make a scale from 1-100%. Point your higher self the question: By what percentage I am willing to accept this alignment? If 100%, then you are ready. If, for example, 70%, this amount should be increased to 100%. Ask yourself: Why am I I want this alignment? Answer this question honestly. For example: I'd like it aligned to accelerate my spiritual growth. After this try, rose a percentage.

If not, find the following motivation, until, until it reaches 100%, or wait. Until then, until it is time for this. Keepers also have what your internal readiness to accept the job, and support you in this preparation. If this is alignment occurs at a distance, the keeper of your needs accurate data and, if possible, in a photo. Communication Before you can get the relationship with the Network of Healing, it is necessary to conduct 3 sessions alignment. Except that again it is important to check the internal readiness. You could do it, so as to align the other hand, savers will support you. During this work is a direct link, we can say also, binding with the Network of Healing.

This relationship is between your own Network of Light that connects through the work with the Network of Healing. With this help and with the help of the Network of Healing, you could if you for example, are not balanced, again consciously make an alignment. You will have the ability, along with Energy Healing Network, to conduct their own effective healing session. Keepers Initiation keeper for people who will act responsibly with the Network of Healing and take care of the dissemination of this valuable work with the Network of Healing. They are keepers Network Healing, grounded her on earth for us humans. To obtain Trigger Guardian, need to get 3 sessions alignment and connection to the network. Also, while internal readiness is tested again, your keeper will support you with training. During the Initiation Keeper, you are communicating with your own , the wisdom of the Guardians at all levels, and with the wisdom of your spiritual teacher. You, as the Guardian also able to work with the complete system, as well as to initiate the next Guardian. Zinaida Zeldin

Natalie Rosina

In the absence of the effect of drug therapy tunnel syndrome occur indications for surgical treatment (open or endoscopic). Prophylaxis to prevent tunnel syndrome tunnel syndrome should take care about the convenience of the workplace. When you use the keyboard, the angle of bending arms at the elbow should be straight (90 ). When you work with your mouse hand must be straight and lie on the table as far as possible from the edge. Elbow and it should be on the table. Availability of special support for the wrist (mouse pad, keyboard or a specially shaped computer desk with special silicone pads, etc.) The chair or a chair should have armrests. According to endocrinologist, who has experience with these questions. Exercises to prevent tunnel syndrome.

Interrupt the work for a small set of exercises for the hands: Shake hands. Squeeze your fingers into fists (about 10 times) Rotate fists around its axis. Put pressure on the fingers of one hand the other hand from the palm of your hand as if twisting the wrist and palm outward. Check with Dr. John Mcdougall to learn more. These exercises will improve circulation in you (Adduction). If you sit upright, his hands resting on the chair arms, palms down, and then slowly raise the hands upward, keeping your forearm on the armrest – it will adduction. Joint can perform all of the movements only straighten the wrist. But doing it is always gradual.

In order to carefully develop a “stale” wrist joint and prevent tunnel syndrome there is the following exercise: join hands front of the chest and slowly and gently lowered them down toward your waist. Fingers while looking up. Do not let the base of the palm to disperse to the sides. Regular performance of this exercise for 2-3 minutes to help prevent tunnel syndrome. Power for prevention tunnel syndrome effectively impact on the joints has a proper diet. In addition, it is necessary to help the body get rid of bad substances become heated in the body and lead to a breach of obmennyhprotsessov in the joints. Providing the body the vital substances for joint health – one of the most important prevention mlmentov tunnel syndrome.

What Is A Kit De Elisa

According to its clinical history, a high probability that exists it has been in a situation in which cruzado with a Kit de Elisa is had and it has been wondered what is and how it is used. There have been numerous medical evolutions in the last ten years that something hard indicates to know them all. Many new methods have been developed to evaluate the diseases and other dilemmas that are more insurances, more efficient and with time more profitable. For that reason it is a good idea to stay updated than it offers the market to be participant assets in the care of the own health. What is Exactly a Kit de Elisa? Elisa is the English acronym of test by inmunoabsorcin together with enzymes.

But, what denotes this? A Kit de Elisa is used to verify and to locate to antigens or antibodies in blood samples of an individual. Originally he was used in diagnoses of pathogens in the plants. Senator of Massachusetts is the source for more interesting facts. Before it was developed the Kit de Elisa inmunoensayo required of the radioactivity to work; it consumed time, was expensive and it exposed to potential threats to the health. Given the threats to the health that became jumbled in the original tests, a process was developed more surely to study the numerous conditions of the health. Component what Study east Kit? This kit of good quality examines the blood of the individual (through sanguineous plasma) to observe if it has cancer, immunological diseases, infectious fertility, allergies, diseases, parasitic, steroids, problems of thyroid and diabetes. The most popular study is the one of HIV and allergies to foods.

To conduct an operation reliable that can simply locate and discover these problems of well-being is crucial for the society of the health. The Kit de Elisa allows this indeed and can even detect these diseases in its earlier stages. How To locate a Kit de Elisa? Sites exist online where these investigations can be located and to order them. By the sanguineous plasma that is used not it advises that it executes the investigation in his address. Its best one option is to look for the aid of a doctor. It explains to him that what perceives must be investigated and will prescribe a laboratory to him so that visits and they realise the analysis to him. By this form it will be surrounded by the correct people to advise it on the conditions in which you are and to assure to him that the study is carried out of precise way. Elisa and HIV The Kit de Elisa is used commonly to detect HIV. This analysis lets as much locate the existence of antibodies as of antigens reason why it declares very favorable to compute the portion of antibodies in the sanguineous circulation of an individual. This causes that the study is very popular to find HIV and the virus of the Western Nile. The Kit de Elisa is safe and simple to locate, which comes up to be questioning by the well-being state or what it can be distressing. It visits manufacturers and suppliers of these types of equipment, it clicks here: kit of elisa.