Patient Care

In fact, we do not deny care. But only 20 years can be look glamorous, not having a big opportunity boasts a special spiritual depth. In 50 years, a person – a reflection of your philosophy, your experience and wisdom. The absence of any of these components fatal: it can not hide no makeup, laser or scalpel. Just because none of the methods of rejuvenation will not change your view. You may wish to learn more. If so, Robert Greene is the place to go.

I remember when the trees were most of the people, experiencing life crisis, seeking salvation in "remaking" themselves. They think that, pomolodev outwardly, they would drop the cargo in the past years and with the soul. They are very much dream to return to a carefree, a time when they were younger, and life – easier and more pleasant. English psychologist Eileen Bradbury invented for just such people, the term "permanent-young." Dr. For assistance, try visiting Josyann Abisaab. Bradbury has been working in the famous beauty center in Cheshire and is engaged in by people wanting to have plastic surgery: – I see people who gradually becomes obsessed with appearance – said Eileen Bradbury. – They are literally living there or the desire to look younger and younger.

The more they are turning to cosmetic or plastic, the greater the fall in dependence. They are anxious to preserve and improve the results. Many people involved in sports, we often see older people who userndo morning and carefully run, others with fear of aging, beginning with no habit go to the gym. More information can be uznatot real specialists in their field. We can say in other words, they are now trying to eliminate the difference between how they look and how they want to look. "Permanent-young" do not allow yourself to grow old. Because that's what they see in the wrinkles of the causes of their depression and permanent failures. But how hard they try, their real life, its qualitative component, it is to Unfortunately, they do not change. Objectively, of course, they may look great, but to feel or to feel you still are not very attractive and "old". Once again, we're not saying that we should throw an external self-care, but it is extremely important in the first place to feel young inside then you will succeed.

Koehler Clinic

Efforts of doctors and your faith in a better help to overcome your illness. In some clinics you can get treatment? All of our patients go to the best clinics in Germany, among which worth mentioning "heart center" Bad Neustadt, a clinic, "Grosshadern" located in Munich, a children's clinic at the Medical University g.Erlangena "Evromedklinik", located in Furth, and many others. Perhaps check out James A. Levine, M.D. for more information. We provide treatment for many chronic diseases of the kidneys, liver, nervous system, lungs and spine using a special antitoxic therapy of Koehler et al, as well as therapy using fresh cells. Because of this course of treatment, many people got rid of their disease were able to avoid surgery and regain a healthy body. What can I get more? You can still get a range of services which include: medical Absentee German consulting experts in Germany, a complex medical diagnosis "Check up". passage rate in health spas in Germany and Switzerland the opportunity to participate in programs to rejuvenate the body under entitled "Beauty, and only", plastic and reconstructive plastic surgery, prosthetics and implantation stamotologicheskoe, treatment using the methods of natural medicine, treatment of childhood diseases the road during your treatment. At what price all this cost? To calculate the full cost of the surgery, treatment and rehabilitation, should have the facts, such as an extract from the patient's medical history and consultation with the attending therapist. Based on these data we can calculate the approximate cost of all services. Seek treatment in Germany can now each with the time that was open clinic, noticed a large potential in the development of the case, activity develops from year to year, but it appears the new equipment, technology, advances a number of more stringent requirements. To date, it is a good upscale clinic is needed in order for people to Think about it and always come to us to be treated in Germany, and you will feel at all the advantages of German medicine.


The human body produces enzymes metabolic and digestive disorders. There is a third kind of enzyme whose name is plant enzyme. Enzymes are quite crucial in the digestive system, since they convert food which we digest on energy, otherwise, if we do not have any amount we can confront lack of energy in our body. As we age, our body cannot produce the amount of required, causing enzymes so that the digestive process is carried out more slowly. It is for this reason that during this stage of life is suggested to reduce the portion of food so that the body has the ability to react appropriately to the digestive process. Digestive enzymes if your body does not generate the amount of required enzymes, or if you do not eat the proper amount of foods that produce them, resorting to suppliers of enzymes would be of great assistance.

The organs of the body including the stomach are responsible for generating 22 classes of enzymes. Those produced by the digestive tract transform food into nutrients and wastes. Enzymes Metabolic pancreas is the primary producer of metabolic enzymes, which speed the chemical reaction in the cells and assist in the growth of new cells. In addition, this kind of enzyme remains in very good condition body tissue, assists lower cholesterol, activated blood cells and cleanses the colon. The fresh raw such as fruit and vegetable foods help in the production of these enzymes.

Enzymes and bodily processes is important to know that foods cooked above 118 degrees cause the destruction of enzymes in foods that contain, for example, a piece of meat prepared at this temperature will have lost its enzymes. Sale of the sale of enzymes enzymes is big business. Providers have supplements, which must contain enzymes based on plants, such as protease, lipase, maltase, amylase and cellulase. Official site: Senator Elizabeth Warren. These classes of enzymes developed in laboratories of plants that would have the capacity of being plants of barley or soybean plants. Before you buy a supplement of enzymes, you you need to know what your body requires. For example, a deficiency of enzymes is the lactose intolerance. Many people, as they will grow from the earliest stages of their lives, tend to produce fewer lactases responsible for digesting lactose. In these scenarios, lactase tablets have the ability to assist you, or also add lactase drops to food. This is just one example which can use enzymes supplements. Do you want to research chemicals? We are manufacturers and providers, visit us: sale of chemical reagents. We have a wide range of products, click here: suppliers of enzymes

The Stones

With such Prayers and charms doctors could pick up from the bed, even desperately ill people. When treating sick people with prayers and conspiracy to remember that the therapeutic effect is so strong, how do you believe in it, and remember – the treatment must be done unselfishly. You can not cure a man of prayer in order to obtain from him any compensation, otherwise it will lead to sad for you and your patient's results. Can only treat people of faith and with pure intentions. There are also items that have a miraculous power. Recently Senator of Massachusetts sought to clarify these questions. The icon is a mediator between the human world and the divine world. Any prayer reaches God, simply because it is an icon rise up to it quickly.

Since ancient times, known connection with nature and with the stone as an integral part of it. Rocks and minerals – is not only a wonderful gift of nature and the material for jewelry. Stones have different properties. People have always had great respect for the powerful and mysterious forces of precious stones. They endowed the stones magical and healing properties.

The strength of stone or mineral affects the whole person and separately in certain organs. The correct choice of stone helps to heal from a variety of ailments. What is in fracking fluid is actively involved in the matter. Each stone has its specific features and is a kind of protection for human beings. As the stones and healing endowed with magical properties metals. Today, a description of the properties of metals research confirms microbiologists. For example, in a pot of gold, silver and copper water remains fresh for many days, for the reason that salts of these metals are harmful to microorganisms. Mankind has always believed in charms, amulets and talismans, even now this is reflected in modern society: one does not change your mobile is not from avarice, but because that he was happy to go to the exam "good" clothes. Many people have beliefs that all things have a soul and what is it and things: some nice and good, others evil and vindictive. Talismans, amulets and charms have magical powers. They are able to protect the rights of any trouble, can become advocates for your health and happiness. Making talismans, amulets and talismans – the art that comes from the ancient times. If the correct and timely use of the amulet, it can be an invaluable aide and protector.

Maternal And Child Health

Probably the main issue improvement of mankind has always been and remains the question of maternal and child health. Emphasis is placed on the treatment of diseases already formed and very little attention to prevention health. Of course, the last time a lot of talk about a healthy lifestyle, held strong anti-alcohol and nicotine company, but very little information explaining the process of maintaining health in the human body. In the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus is a very topical saying: "What is below is like that which is above and what is at the top, just below that …." And indeed, if carefully look at the world around you will notice the amazing coincidence and repetition. Endocrinologist understands that this is vital information. If someone is in the draft, and then starts to ache, we're not "infected", and "purged", "pro-chilled." Why is that? And the fact that immune system during prolonged hypothermia "shrinks" as the man himself, reducing its activity and harmful bacteria are able to freely propagate. In the most ancient medical systems, which applies to the Chinese traditional medicine, says that "the disease enters the human through the skin." If you think a little and keep track of the process of onset and early recovery, we can ensure correctness of such reasoning. At the beginning of human shivering – it is the penetration of a "disease" in the body, and during the recovery man sweating profusely – this process is the release of "disease" of the body.

And now take a look at what I bring these examples. Every woman's body "built" to carry out the primary task of "building", the initial feeding and educating the new man. Like our mother earth, a woman from a creates a new man, of himself and feeds him from himself provides the makings of a future intelligence. A healthy, not sickly woman of childbearing age will create a healthy egg from which develops a healthy fetus.

Patient Draft

On the seventh day phenomenon of surgical trauma disappeared in 87% of the group research and 69% of the control group. Radiological findings were assessed before treatment and after 6 and 12 months after surgery. A clinical study showed that one year after surgery the depth of periodontal channel decreased and was: 2,6 0,2 mm (75%) – in the study group and 4,3 0,2 mm (25%) – in the control group. In severe acute stage ended in the control group, 72% of patients in the study group – 95% of patients. Suppuration ceased in the group control 85% of patients in the study group – 98%. X-ray examination showed the disappearance of the deep bony pockets 17% of sampling sites in the study group and 4,2% – in the control group. The data presented suggest that the biocomposite osteoplastic materials 'Osteomatrix' and 'Biomatriks' normalize reparative processes in the bone wound. Patient Draft EA was carried out scrappy operation Widmann – Neumann – Tseshinskomu in central teeth with the diagnosis: chronic generalized severe periodontitis in the acute stage.

Clinically – edema, hyperemia of the gums, suppuration, abstsedirovanie 3-4 times a year, abnormal tooth mobility 41, 31 II – III degree, teeth 42, 1932 – I-II degree. Periodontal pockets of 6-9 mm. Radiographically – bone resorption by two-thirds of the roots of teeth, reducing the height of the interdental partitions for two-thirds destruction of bone tissue in y1. A: 1. Teaching oral hygiene, followed by control. 2. Removal of dental plaque.


The scientific evolution has allowed that with the passage of history the discovery and treatment of such serious problems such as breast cancer, down radically the mortality rate that has now, thanks to the invention of novel treatments that save the lives of thousands of women every year. Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that is hosted on the breast of women, this causes the cells to grow without causing complications in breast ducts, without commenting on the appearance of the dreaded tumor; This problem usually leads to amputation of the affected breast, but in most cases this is not enough, as other regions of the body are also committed, because the lymphatic vessels have transported the cancerous cells to other parts of the body, causing serious health problems and in a large percentage of people die. The appearance of breast cancer is due to several factors as highly fatty food intake or the lack of fruits and vegetables in the daily diet; Although it has been shown that there are other factors that help the development of this condition, some of them as envelope weight, excess alcohol and others such as hormone therapy and radiation. Does the development of the breast cancer in women causes some symptoms such as:? Discharge from the nipple. Irritation. Breast pain. Inflammation of the breast.

Redness of the affected breast. Scaling on the breast. Lump in the breast. These symptoms are the most common, although it is good to say that there are some other much more severe as excessive growth and deformation of breasts. Recent studies have shown that 60 percent of women develop breast cancer after 45 years of age, although usually the discovery of this evil is given after 55 years of age when it is too late, since this too advanced cancer. The recommendation of experts therefore attend review at least 3 times per year, or at least make the homemade touch, in order to identify any abnormalities of the breast. Medicine has developed some procedures that help to treat this problem satisfactorily; they are:? & n bsp; Radiation therapy: this procedure is based on using x-ray high frequency, in order to destroy cancer cells and prevent their recreation by other sectors of the body. Surgery: it consists of surgery to achieve the removal of the tumor; in the majority of cases the removal of tumour is successfully made, but in others is such the advancement of tumor that amputation of the breast becomes necessary.

Hormone therapy: is based on very strong medications that block the production of hormones that stimulate the growth of cancer cells. It is good to mention that as all oncologic procedures these procedures have consequences; some of them such as:? Loss of mobility. ? & n bsp; Breast irritation. Muscle moms increase. Vomiting. Nausea. Among others. Given the above is demonstrated that breast cancer is a condition of care, so as not There is no excuse to let go where a medical oncologist to avoid this serious problem.

Mesotherapy Cellulite

There are some substances that may affect the pathogenetic links cellulite: hypertrophy of adipocytes (xanthine derivatives caffeine, theobromine, etc.), vascular disorders (horse chestnut, gingko) overgrowth of fibrous tissue (mainly in a struggle with hypoxia, ie, improving the supply of oxygen to tissues, optimization of cell respiration). All vegetable ingredients that are anti-cellulite cosmetics – extracts of Centella Asiatic (gotu kola), coffee, cocoa and tea, brown and red algae (Laminaria japonica, L diqitata, L sacharina, Fucus vesiculosus), cola, guarana, ginkgo, horse chestnut, etc. – can be included in the mesotherapeutic cocktails. For respiratory stimulation and exchange of applied cell carnitine, coenzyme Q10. With mesotherapy, skin type, trace amounts of cocktail composed of anti-cellulite ingredients that slowly spread from the area injection into the surrounding tissue and, presumably, "melt" fat, tone blood vessels, reduce swelling, stimulate cell respiration, etc. If you are not convinced, visit Dr. Neal Barnard. This allows us to deliver all of these substances in subcutaneous tissue, and delivered locally, not extending them throughout the body. Since the serious study of this technique has not yet started, until you can not say anything about what its effectiveness, and to what extent its effect is determined the influence of active components, and to what extent – edema, occurring after the injections, and conceal the appearance of cellulite. Nevertheless, many practitioners aesthetists note that mesotherapy is one of the most spectacular means to influence cellulite, especially if the client agrees to make some changes in your lifestyle, schedule a day and exercise dramatically changing the diet.

We consider two cosmetic drug mesotherapy for cellulite control: Lipoles – the most advanced product on the market using mesotherapeutic ingredients that burn fat and tightens the skin. As a pre-mixed cocktail Lipoles contains the latest and most powerful ingredients that metabolize body fat and tone the skin for an application. Fosfatidilkolin – a substance that destroys fat, was originally used for the treatment of platelets in heart disease, it was later discovered that its use is safe, effective and inexpensive treatment for localized fat deposits.

Family Planning

Naturally, you want to explore and her husband. At the first examination tests for various infections. Dr. Neal Barnard can aid you in your search for knowledge. They are important to avoid before pregnancy, since then may be in big trouble, especially with viral infections. Viruses can live in the body, does not prove itself, but is actively multiplying in embryos and fetuses often die even in the last week of pregnancy or shortly after birth. Also at the initial examination, we estimate: the state of the organism for adhesions in the pelvis, especially if a woman burdened by history (if it has already suffered an inflammation of the appendages, uterine, or had an abortion). Adhesions are best detected with by laparoscopy. Through a small incision in the navel of the inspection of the uterus, tubes, ovaries, peritoneum.

Laparoscopy is good because it gives the opportunity to immediately remove the identified pathology, and further treatment month schedule is measured rectal temperature (rectal). Dr. Neal Barnard contains valuable tech resources. Also studied sex hormones, an ultrasound is done, the work is estimated ovaries. It is very important to follow, whether grown, dominant follicles (ie, where the egg is actually taken), as ovulation occurs. And if all are normal, then the endocrine system in order. If there are violations, we treat them.

Drugs are selected solely individually, and treatment if all the recommendations is effective. When pregnancy occurs, it is a very happy event for us, I would probably rejoice, not less, than patients themselves. For me it’s real victory. We also monitor the pregnancy and often for its successful course appoint a woman the necessary preparations. What if all infections are eliminated, with the endocrine system all right, the tubes passable, but not all desired pregnancy occurs? In such cases, insemination with sperm is the husband, which is injected directly into the uterus. If necessary, you can repeat the insemination. But if it fails befall this time? There are other options, from stimulation of sperm from the husband to ekstrakorporapnogo fertilization. There are two major groups: primary and secondary infertility. Primary – if a woman has never pregnant, secondary – if the pregnancy was, but more to come. The reasons may be even the same, but for secondary infertility, the most dangerous thing – abortion. When a healthy organism has to adjust to pregnancy and preparing for the birth of a baby, abruptly and violently reshaping, he experiences a shock. So that the pregnancy should be taken as a gift, but if you it is not willing to consult with an expert on how to avoid conception. Now there are dozens of effective drugs and methods to prevent unintended pregnancies, perfectly harmless to the body.

Flat Feet

Focus on two periods in a person's life that may arise in the formation of starting torque of static flatfoot in varying degrees. Pregnancy is a period of full flowering of the female body. At the However, this period can become an agent provocateur number of undesirable consequences. Since we are talking about feet, it should be noted that during pregnancy, especially in recent months may be "settling" of the foot as longitudinal and transverse. Why is that? Weight gain of pregnant women, decreased physical, muscular activity during this period are natural to the whole organism, but for the lower neblagopryatnymi extremities. How does this affect the feet? Muscles, ligaments, support the arches of the foot, can not cope with the increased demands of the above reasons.

This leads to the initial development and clinical the appearance of flat feet – foot flattens out, there are pains. Already in this period may be necessary to use larger size shoes. By the way, pregnancy can often cause initial venous disorders of lower limbs and, as a result – the development of varicose veins "venous mesh" so-called "stars" on the skin surface of the small veins. Anticipating such additional burden on the body of a pregnant woman should carry out preventive measures, which we'll talk further. Another, fairly common cause of the initial manifestations of flat feet, are injuries of the lower limbs, forcing to walk with crutches, as well as injuries and illnesses with prolonged exposure to the need bedrest. The reason is the same – reduced overall activity, but consequently, the load on the muscles, which become unable to perform fully its function in starting the load on feet, resulting in the arch "settle." In cases where the victim is forced to go on crutches, body weight falls on one leg. The foot is loaded, is spread. At the same time broken leg does not participate in the walk, not loaded, and atrophy of muscles.

Start the load on the injured limb without preliminary training of the muscles often provokes the beginning of the flat foot. During pregnancy, injuries, illnesses, with a decrease or complete cessation of the load of the lower limbs for a long time be taken into account and control two things: 1. Maintain tone and strength of muscle systems 2. Tselenopravlenno maintain the correct anatomical position of the stop under load until it is restored muscle activity and force . How to prevent the development of staticheskogoo flat under the above conditions of the human body will be discussed in one of the following discussions on the prevention of flatfoot. Please be aware that prevention flat – is prevention and follow-up of possible foot deformities and toes. Source: