Of all the dental treatments, implants are possibly one of the most interesting for patients with teeth in poor condition (or the absence of teeth), since they provide an aesthetic solution effective and definitive especially. Many people interested in implants come each week to the dental clinic of Gandia of the Dr. Paula Vidal, an expert in implantology and aesthetic in its dental clinic of Gandia. Many of your questions about implants tend to be the same, therefore here responds to the main doubts of patients. And if you want a complete information, you can read the 20 questions and answers about dental implants. On the age of the patients there is no age limit for implants.

We often undertake a review pre-implantes and a scanner to find out various elements such as the bone volume or a root fracture. The number of implants varies depending on the number of teeth that need to be replaced. In any case, a previous study of your oral health is necessary prior to placement of implants. On the day of the surgery typically put a temporary tooth fixed just after placement of the implant, with an aesthetic end. It is not systematic and depends on each case. With this, you can make practically normal life until the permanent teeth (usually at 2 or 3 months), are placed.

In the days following the intervention we recommend that patients eat soft foods for the first week. Load supported of provisional teeth depends of the initial situation (absence of a single tooth or several) and individual process of healing. It is not necessary to ask for a sick leave for the days following the intervention, even if it’s several implants. For the maintenance of the crowns of the implants, they need the same type of care as natural teeth. In addition to the daily brush we review the status of their implants in their annual reviews and inspections. On the other hand, a few spaces are especially intended to facilitate the use of dental floss. On the placement of the final fixed prosthesis the denture can be done in several stages and depends on each patient. You usually wait between 2 and 3 months (bone healing phase) after the placement of implants to put the definitive prosthesis, although sometimes it can be the same day of the intervention. Obviously not let you without tooth and will take a few fixed temporary teeth (screwed) during the entire phase of healing. A provisional prosthesis is used because the gums slightly change shape with healing.