Obesity: Patients with gastric tube approximately 70 percent weight take off if the stomach is only as big as a hose, felt a sense of satiety – man inevitably more and takes off. For obese patients who are morbidly obese, this operation can be an almost life-saving measure. Because often the massive obesity a series of concomitant diseases causes, including diabetes and high blood pressure. Obesity surgery in Germany is but still very small compared to other EU countries and the United States. Just 4,000 work of this kind are currently counted in Germany. It is all the more surprising, now reported the 500th sleeve Gastrectomy on the vest in the hospital in Recklinghausen. “After surgery, patients on average lose 70 percent of their excess weight. Our current record holder has declined since September 2010 about 160 kilos”, says Prof.

Dr. med. Martin Busing, whose clinic in Recklinghausen itself as one of the nationwide just two facilities ‘ certified reference centres for Adipositas and ” metabolic surgery”may call. The “hose stomach” command is performed through tiny incisions on the abdomen and is one possibility among many, obese people to help. “Patients should drink immediately after the surgery, although the course often only minimal amounts are”, says Prof.

Busing. The complication rate for this type of intervention lie under one percent.