PORTICA WebCampaignManager

PORTICA GmbH marketing support presented again in 2012 on the mailing days located in Nuremberg. If the trade fair for the customer dialogue on 20th and 21st June opens its doors in the Exhibition Centre, PORTICA shows 4A at booth 528 in Hall, how it promotes targeted customer communication with their services and thus contributes to a successful marketing mix. As co-exhibitor the IT service provider GEDAK and the printing house are represented at the stand te new PORTICA works hand-in-hand with. Basic requirements are meet the customers on his favorite channel, speak to him personally on and enter into the dialogue with him, in today’s communication. This is to combine the analogue and digital world. PORTICA takes account of precisely this trend with their innovative services around the topics of advertising material logistics, E-Commerce and sales promotion.

PORTICA is before the visitors of the mailingtage as a competent full service provider, which allows its national and international clients, to the diverse communication requirements master. The process specialist presents its advertising material shop on the basis of oxide eSales with an integrated Web-to-print application. So dealers, sales and marketing staff can easily customize advertising, personalize and order or work out complete mailings. Reports give insight into the current status of processing users at any time. OXIDE of certified on the basis of the trusted shops eShop Enterprise Edition realized PORTICA already several sophisticated B2B and B2C solutions.

This includes the integration of a client ordering system via an interface to the Web shop. The advantages: The client can continue to use his system and it along with those from the Web shop in the MyAccount section of the Web shop keep track of the orders. Because the modern PORTICA Werbemittel shop meets the growing requirements of usability and E-marketing. He can also adapt to the wishes of the customer. PORTICA linked the shop with your ERP system. This allows clients to the comprehensive logistics services of ISO-certified take eFulfillment specialists on direct routes to complete. This includes individual support in sales promotion. The team shows how PORTICA premium actions, cashback campaigns, loyalty promotions and sweepstakes IT supported Professional handles. Basis for this is the PORTICA WebCampaignManager. The Web-based action database gives an overview even of complex action and enables corrective action to intervene at any time from any location. This company can realize successfully also time-critical campaigns without having to strain their own resources. Via PORTICA GmbH marketing support: PORTICA is a leading marketing logistics company on the German market and optimize marketing, sales and information processes for more than 40 years. The company serves customers from diverse industries and settles in E-Commerce, advertising material logistics, sales promotion, and business process outsourcing hundreds of projects each year. The focus is on the efficient handling of processes through the interplay of Logistics, information and financial management. PORTICA and her daughter GEDAK are part of the te-new printing company.


The trade fair Congress in addition to Bonn in Zurich and Vienna will take place from next year. You women & work, Germany’s largest trade fair Congress for women, awarded with the Innovation Prize “Land of ideas of 2012″ took place under the auspices of federal labor Minister Ursula von der Leyen on May 5 for the second time in the plenary building in Bonn. Thousands of top qualified women and even some men arrived from all over Germany and adjacent countries, led discussions at the stands of the 85 companies and 40 consultants on the career mile and learned in lectures and workshops on career prospects and training opportunities. The trade fair Congress in addition to Bonn in Zurich and Vienna will take place from next year. We have have already an incredible growth in companies and visitors in the second year”, says Melanie Vogel, initiator of the women and work. With the trade fair concept, we meet the spirit of the time. The combination of trade fair atmosphere, Congress and personal networks is nationwide “unique and makes the women & work at a business event of a special kind.” This successful concept should encourage future women abroad, more consistent, more confident and more bite to plan their career and according to their professional and private life ideas targeted to search for suitable employers.

Events in Zurich and Vienna are scheduled first. “We have won strategically important partner for Austria and the Switzerland, with which we women & work on-site will perform”, so bird. women & work in Zurich and Vienna the women & work in Zurich Gallen supported by “together”ag headquartered in St. The together ag is the Swiss market leader in the field of higher education recruitment. For many years, she successfully positioned companies and institutions in the target group of young students and graduates. We look forward, as a partner of the agency without name GmbH women & work in the Switzerland to organise”, says Dr. Rolf Sonderegger, CEO and owner of AG together.

“The cross-border cooperation promises exciting synergies not only for visitors, but also for the company.” In Austria, Martina Gleissenebner, owner of the Agency of INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SPEAKERS the project supports women & work. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SPEAKERS is an international speakers Agency, representing “Change-MAKER”, i.e. experts and experts who contribute to positive change in companies, institutions and society through their actions. “The women & work exactly those, which gapes in Austria between supply and demand gap: it brings together deliberately the tremendous potential of female labour with the companies, which have considered success factors in diversity, active talent development and retention and management geared towards the future”, Martina Gleissenebner is pleased. The women & work offers women who want to deliberately make their professional lives. an ideal platform for compact learning on the one hand and targeted competitions for companies, on the other hand” Women & work in In the coming year, Germany will take place on May 18 in Bonn. Women & in Zurich is work planned for spring 2013, held the trade fair Congress in Vienna in the autumn of 2013.

How To Choose Your Bike Types Of Bicycles

Finally, you’ve decided, you’re going to buy a bike. Choosing the suitable model will depend on the activity that you are going to perform with the bike since the bike will have to adapt to specific needs. Below we list the most common bicycle types: Classic bicycle. They are handcrafted bicycles, which have antique designs. They are having a resurgence today, still very listed companies on the market. Urban bikes, city bikes.

They are dedicated to all kinds of everyday uses which we must face up to many small journeys. They are very comfortable and often with baskets for the transport of objects. They tend to be urban accessories such as ringer, padlock, luches bikes chopper. Those bicycles with a style characterized are by separating the wheels considerably, which allows the driver it is located very close to the ground. The sensation of driving is different and more fun in a classic bike. Comfort is not one of the strengths of these chopper bikes, therefore not recommended for use for long journeys. Cruiser bikes. Also called Beach bikes, they are models of a single gear with wide tires, similar to motorcycles, heavy and your driving is recommended only in plain areas.

Children’s bicycles. Those adapted to the size of these. They help children develop physical coordination while they experience the freedom and movement. Mountain bikes, also known as bike off-road (BTT). It is a bike aimed at the sports field in complicated terrain, so your main point is the resistance of its parts and protection to the mud and Earth. It has multiple gear ratios to suit terrain conditions, as outstanding accused pedalling. Tandem bicycles. They bring a new dimension of enjoyment and mechanical performance cycling, two well-coordinated cyclists in a tandem can move faster and farther that one only. The front rider is the one who decides the direction and controls the marches. The rest of the cyclists are limited to pedaling in a coordinated manner. The most common tandem bicycles are two squares. Folding bikes, which can be made smaller by folding it into two or more parts. This fact makes it easier to transport and store at home, at work and can be combined with public transport use. The popularity of these bikes has grown dramatically in recent years. Most folding bikes have less than a conventional bicycle wheels, so to advance the same meters that with larger wheels bicycles should be increased number of pedaleos. Choose the bike that best suits the activity that you plan to do with it. It is a means of healthy, eco-friendly and very economical transportation to scroll through city.

PMRExpo 2013 – Preparations On The HomeStretch

About 3,200 m used for innovations, the preparations for the 13th PMRExpo go innovations and proven solutions in the hot phase. Main topics of the international trade fair for professional mobile radio and command and control centers are networked security and public safety. The organizer of EW delighted media and conferences around 140 exhibitors and co-exhibitors. More than twenty media partners support the exhibition across Europe by reporting. The practical orientation of the PMRExpo WINS special importance in view of the ongoing expansion of the BOS digital radio network.

According to the Federal Agency for digital communication of authorities and organisations with security tasks (BDBOS) were early September by the planned around 4,500 base stations already 3.961 built and of integrated 3.515 base stations. 500,000 Expected participants, about 365,000 are already logged on. Essentially, the commissioning of the network will be completed by the end of 2014. The digital radio network is one of the largest technical upgrading projects in Germany. The PMRExpo refers to the variety of application-oriented topics and is structured as a five-pillar model: exhibition, Colloquium, control Congress, international BOS-Forum and the applications Forum. Opened the trade fair is Chairman of the Board, professional mobile radio Federation (PMeV) on the 26 November by Dr. Gerhard Schabhuser, head of crypto Technology Department, Federal Office for security in information technology, and Peter Damerau. The Colloquium will take place on the 26th and 27.11.

On the first day, high-profile speakers are expected, including Jochen Homann, President of the Federal Network Agency. The moderation accept Uwe Jakob, Managing Director of PMeV. The second day of the Colloquium Steffen Babaian, Board Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrialist operating radio e.V. (AIB) and Klemens cheeks, Managing Director of AIB perform together. In particular, the Organizer about the contribution of Dr. Richard Georgi forward. He reported on the experiences and the current status of the introduction of the BOS digital radio in Hesse, Germany. All lectures will be simultaneously in the English translated. Networked security in the context of BOS digital communication is the main theme of the Congress of Centre at the health, moderated by Andreas Sirtl, Deputy Head of the Regional Office of digital radio BOS Berlin. In addition to the implementation status of the BOS digital radio in other selected federal countries, are legal frameworks, the connection of BOS digital radio system in operation and the topics of disaster protection and warning the population in the foreground. The first annual international BOS Forum on 26 underlines the international character of the PMRExpo and 27.11 focus theme of the Panel discussions is public safety. The discussion boards are staffed with international specialists and take place in English. Hannu Aronsson, Chairman of TCCA applications working group, and Tero Pesonen, critical communications professional take over moderation. In addition exhibitors present the audience on all three days of innovative and practical solutions on 60 square meters in the context of the applications Forum. Detailed information on opening times, directions, admission prices and event program see: PMRExpo, 26-28 2013, KOELNMESSE, Hall 10.2, entrance East the PMRExpo already held for the 13th time. Since 2009, the Cologne fair is home to the leading international trade fair for professional mobile radio and command and control centers. A large number of national and international exhibitors such as manufacturers, users and operators of professional mobile imagine radio (PMR) systems. The PMRExpo of Texprocess is the German professional mobile radio Association (PMeV). Organizer is the EW media and Congress GmbH, Frankfurt am Main.