Physical Education Classes

Instructor of Physical Education MA Davydova Love V. DOW number 32, “Chaika” Naberezhnye Chelny “Elements logoritmiki in games and gaming exercises in physical education classes.” The child – there is a growing and developing, and movement – one of the conditions of its continued growth and development. It’s no secret that children develop in the game. After all, the game affects the emotional state. With it you can quickly activate or Conversely, to calm the child.

The need for active movements met in all kinds of games and gaming exercises. Invaluable role of mobile games and gaming exercises, including a verbal accompaniment to the development of fine motor skills, coordination, attention, memory, perception, formation of ideas about the world, coordination, auditory and visual analyzers, therefore, mobile games and game exercises help to accelerate the development of speech. Exercise and breathing exercises to help increase lung capacity, blood oxygen saturation, they improve the cardiovascular system, increase energy supply of the body and thus increase the efficiency and endurance. In order to increase physical activity, as well as to strengthen the respiratory system in children in the classroom for physical culture make good use of elements logoritmiki with breathing exercises. Subjects playing exercises may be different, such as “Autumn Forest”, “forest animals”, “On a visit to a fairy tale,” “Winter,” “Meet the Tree”, “In the snow Kingdom “,” Our Army “,” astronauts “,” Spring “,” Train. ” One theme is designed for a month. On the first lessons children learn with verbal accompaniment, perform the exercises on the show, the last classes of words uttered material along with exercises and breathing exercises.

Architectural Office

At the border the state forest in Lower Saxony is located blends into the surrounding area semi-detached house – completion and at the same time crown a single building. The three-story building with total area of 771 m2 required by restorers skill. Individual components of the architectural ensemble – a loggia, swimming pool, garden, garden and terrace – marked by the lines converging at an angle of 45 . From Both living room opens many species in all the quarters – both directly and through. North-west facade is formed by smooth, white concrete blocks, there was little windows, so he gives the impression massive and exposed for key shows the edge of the forest. With him contrast the south-west and west facades are composed of wooden plates of natural color with large windows in the group. Typically, the elegance of wood appears only in the inner rooms, but the restoration of semi-detached house in the Suquet task was to enhance the beauty of wood and on the facade.

This predetermined the decision in favor of choice for use of the product Induline UV-Lack of firm "Remmers, allowing to preserve the natural appearance and aesthetic beauty of the wood surface. According to manufacturer lacquer UV-Lack, the product creates a perfect chord of the binder, absorbent uv rays and fotoinitsiiruyuschih components and retains high elasticity over time. Unlike conventional blue, in the Induline UV-Lack to convert the uv radiation from the sun to heat not used conventional pigments, and "Colorless pigments" or "radicals-catchers." The selection of binders, respectively, showed uv stable specimens. During extensive testing on weathering was found that the destruction of the polymer is minimal. This gives some confidence to experts from wki and Remmers "that declared parameters, such as long-term preservation of flexibility and an eight-year service life (in a normal climate), confirmed without further care of the building.

Thanks to the strength of adhesion than 4 N/mm2 level of elasticity of approx. 30% product Induline UV-System receives the highest score! Also at the height of resistance to yellowing, the permeability of uv radiation, resistance to hail and scratching. The results of UV-visual spectrophotometry – 280-440 nm – show that the coating completely transparent. For scientists and technicians wki "Remmers" one point is especially important: efficiency product is due not only to UV-binding. That scrutiny and selection of binders allowed to make a "quantum leap" to improve quality. Developer: Carsten Huliyus, Roggenkamp 10, 22305 Hamburg. Architect: Architectural Office prof. Reinhard Bartollesa Str. Ohtmannier Dorfshtrasse 16, 27305 Zyushtedt. The facade of the wooden tiles: fabrication and coating of profiled wood larch: firm Dreyer and Hillmann, Bremen


Even the foods related to the meat, like the broth of chicken or meat of head of cattle, the caviar, and the broth can produce high uric acid levels. The milky products and the vegetables also can be high foods in purinas. The milky fat stops, like whole milk, the ice creams, butter and the cheese have said that possibly they cause the drop disease and they are recommended to be replaced by milky low in fat or without fat, or soybean alternatives. The spinach, the mushrooms, cauliflower, the peas, and the asparagus it has been demonstrated that they are rich in purinas, reason why can be foods that also cause the drop. In a food category nonrelated, as the lentils and the leavening estan within the possibilities of bringing about the drop disease. Therefore, the beer, since it is derived from the leavening and cereals, can increase the level of uric acid in the body.

Some professionals of the health recommend that the alcohol must be avoided completely. The ingestion of purinas is not the unique way to construct an unusually high uric acid concentration, hiperuricemia is a poor function of the kidney, since the kidneys filter uric acid, and works altogether with the foods that cause the drop. Therefore, to drink much water and to eat cheese of soybean, olive oil and fruits droughts, in fact seem to resist to the kidneys that were debilitated when eliminating uric acid of the blood. A rich complex carbohydrate diet, in the form of vegetables, integral fruits and cereals as the bread and grazes, can alleviate the symptoms of the drop. A doctor can combine these restrictions in the diet with medecines antiinflammatories and a plan to lower of weight.

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai chi chuan, or tai chi chuan, is a truly remarkable skill. However, for more than 902% of practitioners are available for only 10% of its potential. Those who first encountered the Tai Chi Chuan, be aware that this Art is a proven sophisticated system of exercises for the mind, body and control the flow of energy. Taiji is equally suited to promote health, longevity, self-defense, improve mental abilities and spiritual development. Technique equally well for all people, regardless of their racial, cultural and religious backgrounds. Rightly Tai Chi Chuan is called "poetry of motion, but it would be a mistake listen to the views, treating art as a "shadow boxing" or "slow gymnastics." The first definition of Tai Chi Chuan most accurately conveys the beauty and grace of Tai Chi, while the "shadow boxing" and "slow gymnastics "indicate a superficial understanding of the true depths of philosophy and art. Despite the complexity and variety of aspects of Taiji, a newbie will not require any prior knowledge.

At the same time should be borne in mind that if you intend to take full advantage of this art, no one book is no substitute for consistent and constant training. But patient and consistent training does not mean that the student blindly and mindlessly memorize this or that movement. If studying Tai Chi for several years does not feel real results from training, that is, his body remains weak and fragile psyche and the mind dull, such a student should be thoughtful about their own mental abilities and either focus their efforts in another direction, or refer to other guides or sources of information. As a rule, involved in the correct method of people in a year reach tangible results. Great masters of Tai Chi specifically emphasized the dominant value of domestic, in-depth aspects of art in comparison to its external manifestations. As a rule, most students are aware of this, but few are aware of the meaning of this concept, not to mention its practical application. The rich philosophical heritage of Tai Chi Chuan, expressed usually in a poetic form that does not detract from the main purpose of art – its military aspect, and, more importantly – the practical application of the system in everyday life. In other words, if after 20 years of training you can not stand up for themselves, or are still unable to to cope with outbreaks of anger, or your physical condition is poor, you know – you have wasted valuable time.

Help Your Skin Become Younger

Before we talk about how you can keep your skin young and healthy for years to come, let us define the main points, helping the skin look younger. What is collagen? Collagen – the main natural protein body He is approximately 75% of all skin tissues. Collagen – a protein building connective tissue. He carries the plastic function is an essential element of collagen fibers, which form the so-called 'framework' skin and are the component that is responsible for maintaining the smoothness of the skin. With age, production of natural collagen skin is reduced (by about 1.5% a year since 25 years).

With a lack of collagen skin thin, 'sags' and wrinkle formation. As part of the usual cosmetic collagen is used for moisturizing and skin tightening. What is Squalene? Squalene – the main ingredient in the lipid coating on the the skin surface. Thanks to squalene, lipid coating ensures that the elasticity, moisture and softness of the skin. Water-lipid mantle gives the skin a water-repellent properties, regulates water evaporation, prevents the penetration of the skin micro-organisms, toxins, allergens and has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Lack of squalene is the second most important element in the internal mechanism of aging. In healthy and young skin concentration of this component is 40% percent, and after 25 years of its concentration starts to decrease gradually, and requires additional intake of squalene in the composition of cosmetic products. In nature of squalene found in different sources – from vegetables to marine fish.