Help Your Skin Become Younger

Before we talk about how you can keep your skin young and healthy for years to come, let us define the main points, helping the skin look younger. What is collagen? Collagen – the main natural protein body He is approximately 75% of all skin tissues. Collagen – a protein building connective tissue. He carries the plastic function is an essential element of collagen fibers, which form the so-called 'framework' skin and are the component that is responsible for maintaining the smoothness of the skin. With age, production of natural collagen skin is reduced (by about 1.5% a year since 25 years).

With a lack of collagen skin thin, 'sags' and wrinkle formation. As part of the usual cosmetic collagen is used for moisturizing and skin tightening. What is Squalene? Squalene – the main ingredient in the lipid coating on the the skin surface. Thanks to squalene, lipid coating ensures that the elasticity, moisture and softness of the skin. Water-lipid mantle gives the skin a water-repellent properties, regulates water evaporation, prevents the penetration of the skin micro-organisms, toxins, allergens and has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Lack of squalene is the second most important element in the internal mechanism of aging. In healthy and young skin concentration of this component is 40% percent, and after 25 years of its concentration starts to decrease gradually, and requires additional intake of squalene in the composition of cosmetic products. In nature of squalene found in different sources – from vegetables to marine fish.