Architectural Office

At the border the state forest in Lower Saxony is located blends into the surrounding area semi-detached house – completion and at the same time crown a single building. The three-story building with total area of 771 m2 required by restorers skill. Individual components of the architectural ensemble – a loggia, swimming pool, garden, garden and terrace – marked by the lines converging at an angle of 45 . From Both living room opens many species in all the quarters – both directly and through. North-west facade is formed by smooth, white concrete blocks, there was little windows, so he gives the impression massive and exposed for key shows the edge of the forest. With him contrast the south-west and west facades are composed of wooden plates of natural color with large windows in the group. Typically, the elegance of wood appears only in the inner rooms, but the restoration of semi-detached house in the Suquet task was to enhance the beauty of wood and on the facade.

This predetermined the decision in favor of choice for use of the product Induline UV-Lack of firm "Remmers, allowing to preserve the natural appearance and aesthetic beauty of the wood surface. According to manufacturer lacquer UV-Lack, the product creates a perfect chord of the binder, absorbent uv rays and fotoinitsiiruyuschih components and retains high elasticity over time. Unlike conventional blue, in the Induline UV-Lack to convert the uv radiation from the sun to heat not used conventional pigments, and "Colorless pigments" or "radicals-catchers." The selection of binders, respectively, showed uv stable specimens. During extensive testing on weathering was found that the destruction of the polymer is minimal. This gives some confidence to experts from wki and Remmers "that declared parameters, such as long-term preservation of flexibility and an eight-year service life (in a normal climate), confirmed without further care of the building.

Thanks to the strength of adhesion than 4 N/mm2 level of elasticity of approx. 30% product Induline UV-System receives the highest score! Also at the height of resistance to yellowing, the permeability of uv radiation, resistance to hail and scratching. The results of UV-visual spectrophotometry – 280-440 nm – show that the coating completely transparent. For scientists and technicians wki "Remmers" one point is especially important: efficiency product is due not only to UV-binding. That scrutiny and selection of binders allowed to make a "quantum leap" to improve quality. Developer: Carsten Huliyus, Roggenkamp 10, 22305 Hamburg. Architect: Architectural Office prof. Reinhard Bartollesa Str. Ohtmannier Dorfshtrasse 16, 27305 Zyushtedt. The facade of the wooden tiles: fabrication and coating of profiled wood larch: firm Dreyer and Hillmann, Bremen