Even the foods related to the meat, like the broth of chicken or meat of head of cattle, the caviar, and the broth can produce high uric acid levels. The milky products and the vegetables also can be high foods in purinas. The milky fat stops, like whole milk, the ice creams, butter and the cheese have said that possibly they cause the drop disease and they are recommended to be replaced by milky low in fat or without fat, or soybean alternatives. The spinach, the mushrooms, cauliflower, the peas, and the asparagus it has been demonstrated that they are rich in purinas, reason why can be foods that also cause the drop. In a food category nonrelated, as the lentils and the leavening estan within the possibilities of bringing about the drop disease. Therefore, the beer, since it is derived from the leavening and cereals, can increase the level of uric acid in the body.

Some professionals of the health recommend that the alcohol must be avoided completely. The ingestion of purinas is not the unique way to construct an unusually high uric acid concentration, hiperuricemia is a poor function of the kidney, since the kidneys filter uric acid, and works altogether with the foods that cause the drop. Therefore, to drink much water and to eat cheese of soybean, olive oil and fruits droughts, in fact seem to resist to the kidneys that were debilitated when eliminating uric acid of the blood. A rich complex carbohydrate diet, in the form of vegetables, integral fruits and cereals as the bread and grazes, can alleviate the symptoms of the drop. A doctor can combine these restrictions in the diet with medecines antiinflammatories and a plan to lower of weight.