Istanbul LASIK Surgery

More and more people have their eyes in the modern laser eye clinics in the metropolis of Istanbul lasers. Who wants to pay not a half a fortune for his laser eye surgery, chooses Istanbul as a city for his LASIK journey. With over 500 clinics, State of the art technological equipment and highly qualified personnel, Istanbul has become the medical capital of Europe. The biggest eye clinics and eye doctors with the most experience in the field of laser eye surgery are to meet in Istanbul. Over 15 years ago, the first eye laser procedures were applied in universitatsallee patients with success.

Since then, the eye laser technology in Turkey has progressed rapidly. A very interesting alternative offered people who depend on their glasses or your contact lenses: the so-called LASIK procedure. LASIK stands for LASER IN SITU KERATOMILEUSIS and is an eye laser, in which first the top layer of the cornea part is cut and the process including the layers in the second stage with a special Discusses eye laser. The previously beaten back skin slices carefully covered in the last step to the starting position. The LASIK surgery takes only 15 minutes and is performed as an outpatient in a laser eye clinic.

A faultless and sharp vision LASIK patients enjoy already the next day. For about 1 week, the patients take antibiotic eye drops to prevent potential inflammation or infection. After the performed LASIK surgery, patients often report about dry eyes. The symptoms of dry eyes can be a change of vision in the course of the day felt by headache or a noticeable higher intraocular pressure. The corollary of the dry eye symptoms can successfully be treated with artificial eye tears. Some patients take 3-6 regularly these drops months after LASIK surgery on the day. Everyone who is over 18 years and whose Sehkraft has been stable in the last two years, is in principle a Suitable eye laser surgery.