Currently several women resort to breast reduction surgery since they have medical problems with the size of your breasts (breasts hipertorfia), causing them problems in the back due to the excessive weight of your breasts. Although it is rare, the breast augmentation suddenly occurs and can occur during pregnancy. Although the causes of this phenomenon are unknown, plastic surgery can treat these conditions. Candidate for breast reduction to determine if you’re a candidate for breast reduction surgery you must: have breasts causing you health problems and doctors. Have breasts that interfere with your daily routines.

Suffer problems of self-esteem and sleep due to the size of your breasts. Gynecomastia breast reduction surgery what is gynecomastia? Gynecomastia is the pathological enlargement of one or both breasts in men. It can be caused by excessive use of antidepressants, hypertension drugs and steroids, among other causes. Can be corrected with the Surgery of breast and reduction with liposuction, according to the needs of the patient. Effects of possible side effects of bust reduction surgery breast reduction surgery: loss of sensation in the breasts. Bust reduction surgery can increase the chances of damage to nerves or a reduction of blood flow to the breasts or nipples. Where this happens, the loss of sensitivity can be temporary or permanent. There is also the risk that can not breastfeed after surgery.

Permanent scars. Vertical and horizontal scars are more visible and remain once the chest has healed completely. Smoking blocks the oxygen it receives the body during the healing process, so for smokers scars are typically larger and less soft. Asymmetries in the breasts. Another possible side effect of bust reduction plastic surgery is breast may not be symmetrical after the surgery. With information: temasdebelleza.