Modern Technologies

In modern Russian history, there are many examples of how the introduction of new technologies and use improved tools stagnating companies received new growth points and seemingly already dead company back to life. Very popular nowadays theses on economic modernization and innovative solutions they are the real foundation. This applies to absolutely all sectors of the economy. As an example, whether to search for new solutions of old problems can lead mining industry. In the Urals, had accumulated about 8 billion tons of piles of mining and metallurgical industry. Formally, consider waste dumps, the whole city are surrounded by the waste – of artificial mountains, chemical composition, which includes the entire periodic table. Residents literally go for gold, while manufacturers continue to dig more and more career. Every year enterprises of this industry produced about 160 million tons of "waste".

Experts argue that the metal content in waste is significantly higher than in the ore, it is not surprising that foreign entrepreneurs regularly declare their desire to acquire them. The situation with the selection of personnel in the labor market is no exception. Certainly, the technologies and tools enable us to find new selection employees, the only question is, how appropriate specialists and managers falls into the "dumps" of recruitment. An incredible amount of money, time and effort expended by organizations to ensure a sufficient number of employees, justifying expectations. Using existing technology, recruiting, employers are increasingly talking about the shortage of personnel, increasing personnel costs, low level of knowledge and training of young professionals and managers.