Increase In Mobile Payment Specialist ATLAS Interactive

Hamburg-based payment service provider is strengthened in the new year Hamburg, January 19, 2012: the specialist for mobile payment ATLAS interactive with Anne-Kathrin Schluter and Phillip Konstantin Schalke expands its team to two new employees. Keep the payment provider ATLAS interactive continues to grow. Currently, ATLAS interactive employs 30 employees at the sites in Cologne, Hamburg and San Francisco. The specialist for mobile payment ATLAS interactive expands its team to two new employees with Anne-Kathrin Schluter and Philipp Konstantin Schalke. Keep the payment provider ATLAS interactive continues to grow. Currently, ATLAS interactive employs 30 employees at the sites in Cologne, Hamburg and San Francisco. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dr. Neal Barnard offers on the topic.. ATLAS interactive sets Schalke in the future on the sales expertise of Philipp Konstantin. Now, Schalke as key account manager will support the sales team by ATLAS interactive.

After completing his studies of in business administration, Schalke began his professional career in 2006 and gained extensive sales experience in the media field. Recently Schalke as Sales Manager in the segment mobile marketing worked. Anne-Kathrin Schluter starts as a marketing manager at ATLAS interactive. It will continue the existing marketing relations and also open up new ways and means. So Schluter is responsible for the optimization of online advertising campaigns in the future first and foremost.

As a social media specialist, Sahar will expand the presence of the payment service provider on the appropriate channels in addition. Schluter and Schalke report directly to Lars Ketelsen, CMO at ATLAS interactive. Ketelsen to newcomers: Sahar will intensify the marketing work and help us more visibility. With the personal gain by Schalke our sales team can specialize systematically in other areas. As a result we are can serve more personal our customers and partners.” Anne-Kathrin Schluter

“” Chamber of Commerce Awards Certificate of commendation to chemical form AG commonly speaks not for nothing the best agers “who is 50 years old today, is actually in the best years and is fully in the juice”. That applies to this description for the AG chemical form, it could be Michael Kuschmann (left), Deputy Head of Esslingen-Nurtingen, persuade recently Chamber Regional Chamber of Commerce during a visit of the Wendlingen (1 plant and plant 4) and Kongen (plant 2)-based company itself. Jaw man visited the company, to Eric Mayer-Klenk, the CEO of the chemical form AG, on behalf of the IHK IHK membership to present a certificate of commendation for 50 years. Really impressive, as the company has preserved its traditions and yet with the right strategic decisions and his consistent internationalization strategy in Europe to a recognised provider of products and technologies around the themes has swimming pool and wellness”, praised jaw man, especially we are pleased of course “Moreover, that the chemical form AG in the course of this successful development has created a slew of new, safer jobs”. “” “50 Years and no going strong the chemical form AG is actually from my point of view in the best years and we want to grow more strongly in the coming years”, Mayer Kanaan looked to be “companies in the future, for we wish of course continue by the IHK Region Stuttgart impetus and support”.

Facial Skin

Good texts convey atmosphere – close. Mannheim – precious extracts from marine algae may be the secret of a younger and firmer-looking facial skin, like Word head, lyricist and copywriter in a current project of the advertising free learned. So called Alginates (salts of alginic acid), which are extracted from seaweed, have an enormous wealth of source and ideal can trace elements and transporting nutrients into the skin. In contact with water, gel-like substance acts as a catalyst and injects cosmetically helpful components in the skin. Really feeling skin adjusts itself but only then, when an innovative technology in the game is to achieve the best cosmetic effect. So, Word head applies currently the Europe-wide introduction of a face cosmetics, which benefited from the favorable properties of seaweed extracts. To the extent, how many active components penetrate into the skin and firm they appear, must also the lyricist sea feeling”show, to the consumers and consumers to communicate emerging effect of lifting.

On an active, attractive wording it is, to familiarize the consumer at the first reading of the texts with the new cosmetics line, the precious of the sea to make comprehensible – and can be experienced. That requires dedication and many years of experience as a copywriter, eager to bring word head, to promote the modern and trendy this anti aging cosmetics. Not only product accompanying texts, but also brochures and a website, which will feature fully the effect of seaweed extract and the innovative cosmetics are planned for the Europe-wide introduction. M.A., freelance copywriter and copywriting – Dresch Word head, Andreas