Bone Formation In The Maxilla: New Surgical Method

Sinus lift bone formation in the upper jaw without bone graft substitute. A new, advanced surgical procedures offered by the SeegartenKlinik of Heidelberg: bone formation in the upper jaw without bone graft substitute. This approach, Frey, developed by SeegartenKlinik chief physician Dr. Robert Marie is a minimally invasive variant of the so-called sinus lift procedure (elevation of the maxillary sinus). Bone displacement, which was derived from the neurosurgery of the Heidelberg surgeon can (right in the picture of Robert Marie Frey) at a height of the remaining bone by a millimetre a bone structure at the same time insert the implant do. Heidelberg-for the patients, this surgical procedure has many advantages: face swelling can be completely avoided, no foreign material is required and also no removal of bone from other areas of the body that require a second surgery. Furthermore the necrosis and infection risk significantly reduces.

The used vital local bone ossification shortens the, the transplanted bone dies not from (prevention of necrosis). Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Senator of Massachusetts. The risk of infection is significantly reduced, this leads to a faster bone regeneration. The healing time is shortened to 3 months and therefore half of the previous regeneration times. In 2007, approximately 750,000 implants have been used alone in Germany. The trend is still rising. This is above all the good experiences, what long term success and security concerns to write to.

Unfortunately, there comes an implant therapy not always in question. In the lateral maxilla, in the region of the small and large molars, reduces and enlarges the maxillary sinus (maxillary sinus) after loss of teeth down. Simultaneous reduction of the bone, often not a sufficient storage for a primary implant stability emerges for implantology. Here comes the sinus lift in the game. The sinus lift is a jaw surgery to improve the bone available before or during the implant in the maxilla. Robert Marie Frey, Medical Director of the SeegartenKlinik in Heidelberg, is a visiting professor at the University of Lyon, reviewer for scientific journals of implantology, international speaker for implantology and head of implant Center in northern Greece.

Biocompatible Plastics

Further development of mountains bags for the endoscopic surgery of Dillenburg, the 22 January 2014: the further development of the mountains bag models WG100, 2013 presented at the Medica WG112 and WG160 provides company Espiner medical surgeon pioneering instruments to the tissue and organ extraction: through the use of innovative plastics, the mountains bags offer high user friendliness and security through improved stability and resilience. The mountains bags in cooperation with the company of wezi-med medical technology were developed from Dillenburg. In addition to the development of the instruments, the expert and system supplier for plastic medical is also responsible for the production of bio-compatible components. Aim was to optimize the successor models of proven mountains bag Espiner medical not only ergonomically, but to replace existing metal parts with plastic components. The result offers more security, both for doctors and patients, and a simpler and more intuitive handling of the instruments. For this was within the mountains bag handle (valve block) an anti-rotation installed, to prevent accidentally turning of the bag during operation.

Through the use of a soft component within the Valve Blocks block and tube can be waived a separate silicone seal between the valve completely. In addition, a non-slip surface that allows a safe handling of the mountains bag during an operation developed wezi-med. The haptic optimized surfaces, for example the tactile marking the application directions, an easier positioning and adjustment of the mountains bags is possible also. So selectively viable extraction of tissue reduces the risks of contamination of the body cavity. The precise intervention stability necessary for balancing offers the handle length of the component at the same time maintaining the same single component length shortened by 12 mm. This is guaranteed as well through the use of nylon: the construction material, the by an extreme rigidity and Resilience features, uses wezi-med for the production of the bar component (spring rod).

The Surgical Correction Of Jaw

The Centre for implantology and aesthetic facial surgery informed the human face is formed by different elements. However, hardly one of them is so concise, such as pine. As a basis for our language and food intake, the pine far more than purely aesthetic functions. For a healthy, healthy life is its location and quality of the utmost importance. Orthodontic measures is not sufficient to establish the health of the jaw, the Dortmund-based specialist in maxillofacial and plastic surgery Dr.

Dr. Griebenow if necessary a surgical correction of jaw performs. This intervention can improve the health and quality of life of patients, if incorrectly formed or incorrect jaw bone articulation problems, difficulty in feeding, or aesthetic problems cause. Given the complexity of the human jaw require corrective surgery of a comprehensive planning. After the production of x-rays, photographs and prints, she can actual operation on the computer to be simulated in detail. Even the likely changes in the facial expression are first visible using current software.

During surgery, the jaw bone, according to individual needs, is removed or divided and repositioned. The individual parts of the jaw bone are finally repositioned and fixed using screws and small plates made of titanium. For a stretch of the jaw is a special expansion plate to use, which allows a continuous extension of the bone to about a half a millimeter per day. The patient jaw correction carried out under general anesthesia. To the pain and wound treatment, usually an overnight hospitalization is necessary. The healing, the intervention arising, swelling requires a monthlong, rarely lasting several months, period. For a long-lasting treatment success, the surgical procedure is often supplemented by an orthodontic treatment. The successful correction of jaw eliminates anatomically related speech, prevents the emergence of serious dental complications and contribute to an aesthetic expression of the face. The Dortmund specialist in maxillofacial and plastic surgery Dr. Dr. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld has compatible beliefs. Griebenow engaged with modern treatment methods and comprehensive advice for the well-being of his patients for 17 years and is available for more information. Press Contact Centre for implantology and aesthetic facial surgery Dr. med. Dr. med. Dent. Farzana Griebenow trail for Bantog 13 44135 Dortmund Tel.: 02 31 – 5 86 03 67 or 02 31 – 5 86 03 68 fax: 02 31 – 5 86 03 69 E-Mail: Internet:

Recommend Wenatex: Mattresses To The Next Generation Not

The family company based in Salzburg, Wenatex know why in a high-quality sleep system to invest: A mattress is not eternal. Finally, this is exposed but usually every night in the usage and thereby large loads. Because night for night man welding leaves around a litre so considerable 365 litres are in the year. The mattress absorbs a portion of this moisture, providing an optimal Habitat mites and pathogens. For this reason affect quality and texture of the mattress sleep quality significantly.

Mattress is important criterion for sleep quality who would long retain his mattress, should look for when buying on the following criteria: the mattress should be washable, breathable and moisture regulating. In particular the density plays a role in the mattress core. This principle applies: the higher the weight, the longer the life of the mattress. Active for many decades in the field of sleep research, the Austrian company Wenatex Mattresses manufactured, which are built to last. Thanks to a particularly high point elasticity, Wenatex mattress adapt perfectly to the body and are therefore the ideal base for a healthy night’s sleep. A special feature exhibits silver worked in upholstery and mattress core that draws precious metal due to its anti-microbial and bacterial-inhibiting effect. Mattress is a mattress no heirloom”can survive the sleep needs of more than one generation? Hardly.

Who inherited which mattresses in the years of his children, does no favors this so. Often mattresses look outwardly like new even after many years, but shows a very different picture on the inside of the mattress can be found: dust mites, pathogens, bacteria, fungi and micro Maggots can be abound in the mattress. “Change the mattress is a must we constantly develop our sleep system, always in close cooperation with sleep experts from home and abroad, just so we can be sure, long-lasting and the best products to our customers”, as founder of the Wenatex Hans-Gerd Wernicke. But even the best mattress is fraying at some point. Even if they are not always immediately visible with the naked eye, you can feel it at bedtime or in the morning in the form of neck or back pain. At least then it is time to replace the mattress. Wenatex is an internationally successful family-owned company headquartered in Salzburg, with branches in Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the Switzerland and Australia. Wenatex stands for information relating to healthy and relaxing sleep, as well as for a unique product for decades the Wenatex sleep system.

Temporarily Blocked Nerve

Pain therapy acts allegedly in 9 out of 10 cases who should be operated E.g. due to osteoarthritis in the knee, then has usually less afraid of the OP as the pain prior to. The days after that, in which the knee must regenerate, describe many patients as extremely painful. This pain can however reduce or completely prevent, if the nerves at the knee and in the area of operations are blocked. This online health magazine reported and invokes a message of St. Joseph Hospital in Uerdingen.

Others, this type of therapy is applied, which should be if 9 out of 10 patients. The nerves that are usually responsible for the forwarding of the pain, be switched off so painlessly literally after beginning the anesthesia needed for the operation for the patient by stun”. In contrast to a spinal injection has the advantage that only the affected leg or knee is stunned. How does exactly the treatment, what to look in and why the therapy two days After the OP can be reinstated, read:… is a free and independent online health magazine for the Rheinland and Ruhr area and is published by a group of freelance journalist from the region. is a pure information portal (without any consulting activity!); the online magazine is financed exclusively through advertising.

Surgery Options

Bladder weakness: Many women, on average every fifth, suffer a dysfunction of the urinary bladder incontinence incontinence. Better known by the term “Bladder weakness”, urinary incontinence is a disorder of the urinary bladder function of that leads to often sudden and uncontrolled loss of urine. This can have various causes. Often is a weakening of the pelvic muscles or injury of the bladder sphincter, also a corresponding disease can have psychological causes. Basically, we distinguish between two types of incontinence: about half of the affected women suffers from the so-called stress incontinence, in which the urethra closure not functioning properly.

The involuntary loss of urine can be triggered by physical strain, jerky movements and laugh or cough. The sudden and often complete emptying of the bladder is typical of the urge incontinence. This is done completely unexpectedly and is hardly for the affected controllable. Rarely occur even mixed of the two variations. In addition there are three different severities of disease. At level one, heavy physical stress lead to the unintentional loss of urine. The loss of urine with lower body burdens such as light sport and reflexes such as sneezing or coughing is typical of the second severity. The affected of third severity of suffer the consequences of their bladder weakness with slight movements, for example when standing up or while running.

Incontinence is however no incurable disease, on the contrary. She can be treated very successfully by medical or surgical procedures. Drug treatments help of urge incontinence in many cases. This has no effect, the injection of a special substance is a promising alternative. Especially for stress incontinence surgical treatments show the greatest successes. There are different methods of intervention can be carried out mostly under local anaesthetic. One way is to enable the urethra with to anchor, so that it is again aligned with the neck of the bladder. The corrected anatomical position prevents such sudden leakage of urine. The operation is done usually through small incisions above the pubic area. Furthermore, the resistance of the bubbles range can be increased by injections so that he can again withstand even higher pressure. A professional performing of the surgery is done so with subsequent complications is not to expect and healing runs easily within a few weeks. A specialist of this disease is the renowned specialist for Urology Dr. Aref El Seweifi, which already has practiced in this area. For more information on the causes and treatment options is on the website.

Outpatient Surgery

First outpatient hysterectomy in Bremen Fariba Vadoudi is a gynecologist and practiced as a resident doctor in the Bremen area. “In addition to the practical everyday leads, the mother of three, twice a week outpatient surgery in the ambulatory surgical Center ap anesthesia practice”, vis a vis the Uinversitat through. The medical focus is on minimally invasive surgery is. During the period as senior physician at the Ivon Bremen the native Iranian, acquired 2008 certification the MIC III. This is awarded by the Association of gynecological endoscopy. After time as a senior physician at the Ivon Bremen she worked as head physician of the German medical center in Kuwait. Where you conducted more operations, especially in establishing a sub-total and total laparoscopic hysterectomy (uterus removal), outpatient. As the only doctor in Bremen, wife Vadoudi outpatient performs the total and sub total hysterectomy.

Of the total number of required operations in gynaecology, how many could today as an outpatient be performed? Fariba Vadoudi: Minimally invasive surgery procedures have arrived already longer in Gynecology. They give doctors new ways and mean faster healing process for the patient. 70 75% of operations can be these days as an outpatient. Thus, the patient can recover faster in familiar atmosphere. What interventions focus at the out-patient surgery? Fariba Vadoudi: The endoscopic minimally invasive surgery is a priority in this field. The surgical procedures, using the endoscope, is today used diagnostically as well as operationally.

An endoscopic examination is often used for a reliable diagnosis in treating infertility. Here there is the opportunity to work at the same time diagnostically and therapeutically. During the surgery as a possible InterGrowth can be removed immediately, which was the trigger for the infertility. In terms of removing uterus (hysterectomy), there are different procedures which use You? Fariba Vadoudi: This is of course dependent on the disease, but I have to make the opportunity by means of laparoscopy today a sub-total or total removal of the uterus.

Earth Electrode

HF surgery is one of the new technologies in the medical sector and enjoys increasing popularity. RAINER Medizintechnik specialized. At the high-frequency surgery, Electrosurgery short alternating current with high frequency passes through the patient’s body, specifically to damage tissue or cut (Electrotomy or coagulation). The biggest advantage over the cutting with a scalpel is that at the same time with the cut the bleeding Stilling can be done by occlusion of the affected vessels. Distinction of the monopolar and bipolar Electrosurgery in the Electrosurgery. The monopolar technique is used for the most part, the active electrodes are used. It connects the patient over a large area with the so-called neutral electrode of RF power source.

The other electrode is the surgical instrument, the so-called active electrode. A special form of the monopolar technique is the Mono-Terminal application technique of the neutral electrode is omitted. The voltage source is sided with Earth connected and capacitive resistance of the human body against earth closes the circuit. The disadvantage of this is that this capacitive resistance and hence the effective current changes, as soon as it touches the body. Therefore, this method is used only for procedures with small streams (such as dentistry and dermatology). In contrast to the monopolar technique of HF surgery, flow those in which the surgical effect (cut or coagulation) is required at the bipolar only by a small part of the body. Two against each other insulated electrodes, between which the RF voltage is applied, be led directly to the surgical site.

The circuit is closed over the intervening tissue. Compared to the Mono-Polar technology, 20-30% less power is required. The surrounding tissue is not damaged because here no current flows, and gauges to the patient (E.g. ECG) will not be disturbed. This method is precise and critical applications, such as, for example, micro, neuro and ENT surgery is perfectly suited. The HF-surgery facilities and especially the accessories is now delivering RAINER medical technology. RAINER medical technology is a supplier of doctors, hospitals, laboratories, and research institutions in Germany, of Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Not only at the HF surgery places emphasis on the choice of products on quality and innovation. In addition, putting especially on small and medium-sized companies of the medical technology industry, that storm with special innovation and fresh ideas to the market.

Qualityassured Hernia Surgery

First step to the certified hernia Centre of the hospital for Visceralchiurgie at the St. Martinus Olpe hospital headed by chief physician Dr. med. Karl-Heinz Ebert was now the seal of quality hernia surgery”awarded by the German society of hernia. Exits are called hernias of guts from the abdominal cavity. They occur due to cracks, congenital or acquired, often scarring or Umbilical hernias as slats. For the ceremony and the permanent possession of the DHG seal EPAL hernia surgery”following had to meet requirements.

Operational supply of at least 30 hernia patients per year participate in the quality assurance study Herniamed ( full membership, the applicant hernia surgeons in the DHG including European hernia society controlled after one year after year is a control of the patients entered in the register in the comparison with statistics of the clinic. More than 90 percent of hernia patients must be placed on the register. At These requirements will be held a recertification after two years, which includes not only the operation numbers and the surgical results, but also the results of the follow-up. In the follow-up, at least 60 percent of the patients must be demonstrably entered in the register. The DHG-certified, the clinic for visceral surgery has made the first step in the direction of certified hernia Centre.

“The motion for certification as a centre of excellence for hernia surgery can only be performed if the clinic for at least 12 months the DHG-certified EPAL hernia surgery” has and has carried out the appropriate controls for two months. First step to the competence centre we understand the aspiration to the competence center hernia surgery as quality assurance. Just backed up and if necessary improve quality if the operator knows the long term result of his operations. Participation Herniamed allows us, more detail to document all hernia surgery in our clinic and the supply a long-term scientific evaluation information collected”, Dr. Ebert explained the intention to participate in the quality-assured hernia surgery. So we can ensure a quality-assured hernia surgery the patients entrusted to us and patients.

Istanbul LASIK Surgery

More and more people have their eyes in the modern laser eye clinics in the metropolis of Istanbul lasers. Who wants to pay not a half a fortune for his laser eye surgery, chooses Istanbul as a city for his LASIK journey. With over 500 clinics, State of the art technological equipment and highly qualified personnel, Istanbul has become the medical capital of Europe. The biggest eye clinics and eye doctors with the most experience in the field of laser eye surgery are to meet in Istanbul. Over 15 years ago, the first eye laser procedures were applied in universitatsallee patients with success.

Since then, the eye laser technology in Turkey has progressed rapidly. A very interesting alternative offered people who depend on their glasses or your contact lenses: the so-called LASIK procedure. LASIK stands for LASER IN SITU KERATOMILEUSIS and is an eye laser, in which first the top layer of the cornea part is cut and the process including the layers in the second stage with a special Discusses eye laser. The previously beaten back skin slices carefully covered in the last step to the starting position. The LASIK surgery takes only 15 minutes and is performed as an outpatient in a laser eye clinic.

A faultless and sharp vision LASIK patients enjoy already the next day. For about 1 week, the patients take antibiotic eye drops to prevent potential inflammation or infection. After the performed LASIK surgery, patients often report about dry eyes. The symptoms of dry eyes can be a change of vision in the course of the day felt by headache or a noticeable higher intraocular pressure. The corollary of the dry eye symptoms can successfully be treated with artificial eye tears. Some patients take 3-6 regularly these drops months after LASIK surgery on the day. Everyone who is over 18 years and whose Sehkraft has been stable in the last two years, is in principle a Suitable eye laser surgery.