How To Choose Your Bike Types Of Bicycles

Finally, you’ve decided, you’re going to buy a bike. Choosing the suitable model will depend on the activity that you are going to perform with the bike since the bike will have to adapt to specific needs. Below we list the most common bicycle types: Classic bicycle. They are handcrafted bicycles, which have antique designs. They are having a resurgence today, still very listed companies on the market. Urban bikes, city bikes.

They are dedicated to all kinds of everyday uses which we must face up to many small journeys. They are very comfortable and often with baskets for the transport of objects. They tend to be urban accessories such as ringer, padlock, luches bikes chopper. Those bicycles with a style characterized are by separating the wheels considerably, which allows the driver it is located very close to the ground. The sensation of driving is different and more fun in a classic bike. Comfort is not one of the strengths of these chopper bikes, therefore not recommended for use for long journeys. Cruiser bikes. Also called Beach bikes, they are models of a single gear with wide tires, similar to motorcycles, heavy and your driving is recommended only in plain areas.

Children’s bicycles. Those adapted to the size of these. They help children develop physical coordination while they experience the freedom and movement. Mountain bikes, also known as bike off-road (BTT). It is a bike aimed at the sports field in complicated terrain, so your main point is the resistance of its parts and protection to the mud and Earth. It has multiple gear ratios to suit terrain conditions, as outstanding accused pedalling. Tandem bicycles. They bring a new dimension of enjoyment and mechanical performance cycling, two well-coordinated cyclists in a tandem can move faster and farther that one only. The front rider is the one who decides the direction and controls the marches. The rest of the cyclists are limited to pedaling in a coordinated manner. The most common tandem bicycles are two squares. Folding bikes, which can be made smaller by folding it into two or more parts. This fact makes it easier to transport and store at home, at work and can be combined with public transport use. The popularity of these bikes has grown dramatically in recent years. Most folding bikes have less than a conventional bicycle wheels, so to advance the same meters that with larger wheels bicycles should be increased number of pedaleos. Choose the bike that best suits the activity that you plan to do with it. It is a means of healthy, eco-friendly and very economical transportation to scroll through city.