If you want to make your ex girlfriend feel attracted to you you must recognize that what is a challenge. This is certainly a reality especially in cases in which the break was with someone who was not at all friendly. When a relationship breaks down, it can be an emotional torture for both people. Attempting to reconstruct the dynamics of love from what may be a great effort but it is not something that is quite impossible. It has to be determined, committed and willing if you really want her to be back. The best way to have his ex-girlfriend attracted to you again is putting all his romantic side on this and become part of his life as a friend. Although that may seem counterproductive because you still WADA, it isn’t at all.

Just after the relationship ends, both need time to cool a little time. If you press it incessantly back, she may think that you do not respect their feelings or needs. It is best if you try to place in her life as a friend and show that it is sympathetic and understanding of what is happening to her. Then, as you do to be a friend of a woman for which you are crazy in love? You have to learn to sort their emotions in perspective. Consider the fact that if you want to make her feel attracted to you again, need that she can rebuild confidence toward you. You have to show through actions, that what really concerns him is the interest of it. If you can be his friend everything will get this. Once she begins to feel close to you again, your heart will be opening again and she will remember the reasons of the because you fell in love. Original author and source of the article.