Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass is a mixed type surgery since two things are made in order to achieve the objective which is to make the patient lose weight. If you have obesity please do not spend overlooked the fact that obesity is a serious problem that is already affecting your health, your self-esteem and the fact that it is a progressive problem. There are different types of obesity surgeries and gastric bypass is one of them, is a very safe surgery and guarantees you that you come down between 75 and 100 percent of the overweight that you had before the operation. The gastric bypaas achieves that you go down in weight because it significantly reduces the size of your stomach, because it takes a space for him to receive food, have less capacity to store food, you llenaras you much faster that before doing that you go down in weight. Obesity also that it affects your self-esteem brings you multiple secondary diseases that greatly affect you, affects your heart and bring hypertension, you can acquire diabetes and even some types of cancer. With surgery gastric bypass as well as lower overweight is verified that you can control your blood pressure and improve your tolerance to physical activity, improving your self-esteem and returning you much healthier..