Outpatient Surgery

First outpatient hysterectomy in Bremen Fariba Vadoudi is a gynecologist and practiced as a resident doctor in the Bremen area. “In addition to the practical everyday leads, the mother of three, twice a week outpatient surgery in the ambulatory surgical Center ap anesthesia practice”, vis a vis the Uinversitat through. The medical focus is on minimally invasive surgery is. During the period as senior physician at the Ivon Bremen the native Iranian, acquired 2008 certification the MIC III. This is awarded by the Association of gynecological endoscopy. After time as a senior physician at the Ivon Bremen she worked as head physician of the German medical center in Kuwait. Where you conducted more operations, especially in establishing a sub-total and total laparoscopic hysterectomy (uterus removal), outpatient. As the only doctor in Bremen, wife Vadoudi outpatient performs the total and sub total hysterectomy.

Of the total number of required operations in gynaecology, how many could today as an outpatient be performed? Fariba Vadoudi: Minimally invasive surgery procedures have arrived already longer in Gynecology. They give doctors new ways and mean faster healing process for the patient. 70 75% of operations can be these days as an outpatient. Thus, the patient can recover faster in familiar atmosphere. What interventions focus at the out-patient surgery? Fariba Vadoudi: The endoscopic minimally invasive surgery is a priority in this field. The surgical procedures, using the endoscope, is today used diagnostically as well as operationally.

An endoscopic examination is often used for a reliable diagnosis in treating infertility. Here there is the opportunity to work at the same time diagnostically and therapeutically. During the surgery as a possible InterGrowth can be removed immediately, which was the trigger for the infertility. In terms of removing uterus (hysterectomy), there are different procedures which use You? Fariba Vadoudi: This is of course dependent on the disease, but I have to make the opportunity by means of laparoscopy today a sub-total or total removal of the uterus.