Battleground Wounds

There are many health issues associated with war. On the second day in the morning the pilots of the Normandy accompanied Stormers 224 th Air Division. Covered up by French pilots of the IL-2 have successfully completed a combat mission, and returned without loss. Attempts to enemy fighters attacking stormtroopers time thwarted by French pilots. In afternoon pilots ‘Normandy’ was requested to cover the crossing. Eight crew headed by Captain Litolfom on the Yak-9 flew to the area of the village Durneva (in the south of the Kaluga region). Hardly ‘yaks’ appeared over subject to cover, as on the radio about the approach from the west of enemy aircraft.

Team-leading French pilots went to meet them, and boldly entered the fray. In the ensuing brief encounter Captain Litolf, Lieutenants Durand and Castelain shot down one aircraft Me-110. Others ‘Messers’ randomly bombed and left in a westerly direction, without causing any harm to our troops. National holiday of France (July 14, 1789 insurgent people captured the Bastille fortress) was marked by victories: one aircraft was shot down Major , Lieutenant Albert and Castelain. However, the French have a combat assignment did not return the pilot Jacques de Tedesco. What happened to him, no one knew.

July 16, 1943 Squadron ‘Normandy’ covered the front of the advancing troops. From the west was shown two enemy fighters ‘Focke-Wulf-190’. No sooner had the group Tyulyaev turn to the west, both show the 15 bombers, disguised fighters. First with two other pilots in the operation of enemy planes crashed into the captain Litolf. It was followed by three more ‘yak’. Captain de Forges occupied an advantageous position to attack the bombers from the bottom rear. Coming up in four Nazi fighters prevented it from opening fire, but for this one of them paid with his life. While six of ‘yak’ dealt with ‘Junkers’, tulle and Albert covered her from the attacks of enemy fighters FW-190. Dropping bombs, enemy bombers turned to the west. At this point, Lt. Leon saw the plane Litolfa and followed him fighter Castelain. Pursuing the ‘Junkers’, they were preparing for another attack. Unexpectedly on top of them attacked just came up to the battlefield Six ‘Fockers’. Leon rushed to the aid of his comrades and a compartment fire, trailing a pair of enemy planes. He knocked down a fascist and burned another.