Positive Treatment Outcomes With The Surgical Glue TissuGlu

Expert Panel presented a satellite symposium at the surgical experts about their clinical experience with the use of surgical glue languages TissuGlu positive treatment outcomes with the surgical glue TissuGlu on the 2012 annual meeting of DGPRC Bremen, 26 September – Cohera medical, Inc. , a leading innovator and developer of absorbable surgical adhesives and sealant, held recently in the 43rd annual Conference of DGPRC. A number of leading surgeons presented data that conveyed an image of the clinical benefits and cost-effectiveness of TissuGlu for a wide range of large surgical cloth sculptures. “At the Symposium titled a new approach to improve clinical outcomes in flap surgery” the clinical benefits of the use of TissuGlu in various processes was presented to plastic surgery. The moderator of the Symposium, Prof. Dr. med.

Axel-Mario Feller from Munich, presented the experience with the use of TissuGlu in his practice in DIEP flap procedure and said: TissuGlu has a clinically useful and cost-efficient alternative for reducing wound drainage and the postoperative complications after a series of procedures of plastic surgery involving large tissue flap proved. The ability of this adhesive, to allow an earlier removal of the drains, ensures better clinical outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.” Leading surgeons, the TissuGlu used, reported the following to several first clinical application observation series: Dr. med. Peter Stollwerck, Horn Heath clinic, Munster 50% reduction of post-operative complication rates after lymph node dissection for malignant melanoma. Dr. med.

Christian Eichler, Cologne, Holweide hospital, reducing the lead seroma formation after radical mastectomy. Dr. med. Mathias Reutemann, hospital Magdeburg, Magdeburg 50% reduction of the overall drained fluid and reduce time to drainage distance with LDF method by 5 days. You on this Symposium presented clinical experience the crucial role of TissuGlu to reduce surgical complications and increase the comfort of the patient support after several large surgical cloth sculptures,”said Patrick Daly, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cohera medical.