Last week was the first week we did circuits, we started with two passes, with two sets of 1000m and this week we made three passes, the issue is that on Monday and Tuesday we did the hard slopes Oregon end result is busted, but burst, so much so that the 5 flexion, can not lift your body on the ground, if yesterday we could have sought a Cuestecita normal but are we going to do well in Kafirs hehe. The thousands, last week took to 3’30 and 3’35 now three to gradually form is beginning to be felt. The circuit and I recommend it a lot, however, that no one be fooled that it is very demanding, such that the pulse is on the clouds for the whole year, clicking on the image here’s how it is, you have to click the image twice one here and one on the other page. You know gentlemen to get touches early season strong, greetings. Click on the image to start the animation of the circuit