Augmentation Surgery

Gluteal (buttocks) Augmentation Surgery is a plastic surgery procedure to enhance the gluteal volume. Sometimes removes the excess skin in the region. Everything is done through a small incision in the region interglutea to place implants, whether silicone, saline or hydrogel. The most common is to use silicone implants since they are more resistant and have a more natural consistency. For the increase in the size of the buttocks or buttocks, you can also resort to a type of cosmetic surgery that uses grafts. However, the safest procedure is placement of implants of gluteus. By buttock implants, the plastic surgeon makes incisions and then placed implant of silicone to give a more rounded shape to the gluteal area. The size of the implants depends on the quantity increase the patient desired as well as its physiognomy.

Aesthetic procedures in gluteal (buttocks) augmentation surgery are painful. The patient may not sit normally for several weeks and save an exceptional hygiene to avoid infection. You must also choose the anesthesia and choosing a plastic surgeon certified and professional. To give you a better idea you can contact different clinics of plastic surgery to explain you in more detail the procedure for increasing your buttocks. Some of them have videos of surgical procedures offered, which will help you to get a better idea of the scene.