Giorgio Armani

Changes in the world of men's suits do not occur very often, when it comes to style. New items cut and style at the same time – a phenomenon rarely. It would seem all the fashion trends come to a standstill, just offering eclectic, which does not carry the tradition of direct and clear style, the appropriate time, and suddenly we have the opportunity to join something really new. So Meet the novelty of the season, which differs by a style, on method of manufacture and materials used by all other men's suits – Staylish-jacket. " The basis for this type of clothing is a classic jacket.

Breathed life into it through fresh ideas and with the addition of elements of the costume designers have a completely new product, generate interest among buyers and is now enjoying strong demand. In St. Petersburg (Russia) "Staylish-jacket" very much interested in the company "Master of Style", which mainly deals with individual tailoring of an elite representative men's clothing. In the establishment of production of the company contributed sufficiently known in the modern world of fashion, particularly in Germany, technologist, Peter Shafer, who participated in the development of other well-known brands such as Giorgio Armani. The emergence of "Staylish-jacket" alter our understanding of the functionality of the suit. It's presentable, respectable form, despite the fact that the suit is worn without a tie.

Thanks to a mixture of viscose with polyester in a specific ratio, sometimes with a small amount of wool, long suit keeps the original appearance, differs excellent wearability, and after each wash (subject to certain conditions) or dry cleaning, takes an initial perfect look. Since the suit is sewn to order – each model is unique. "Staylish-jacket" supplemented with hand-embroidered high class, is not characteristic of other types of classical costumes. In this case, the product has a classic look tunic. The unique technique of embroidery metallic thread makes it easy to distinguish this product from a fake, where applicable other types of embroidery. Has long, embroidered with metallic threads, and church robes, ceremonial dress for members of the imperial household. This ornament has a sacred meaning, creating a talisman for the owner of the suit. The history of classic suits are followed by general changes in society, and from time to time, presents a pleasant surprise. Right now, we are witnessing the appearance of something really new, but not collected from various styles, seasoned, and clearly, what is "Staylish-jacket." Such phenomena once were and jeans or a classic double-breasted suit, won worldwide popularity due to its unique qualities.