Motion Pictures

The composition can be built only on the front of the plane of the photograph, and perhaps multi-faceted. Planar Arrangement, as a rule, closed and static, their space is very limited. Impression of dynamism, often transmit unconfined composition. It is necessary to distinguish the main line of traffic so that the viewer felt and saw movement in the past (the movement that happened before the shooting), this (motion, captured in a frame) and in the future (a movement that must continue after the shutter clicks). In addition, the impression of movement occurs when the optical blur fast-moving object on the rapid release of the background environment.

Illusion rapid motion of the object is also achieved when it is asleep abruptly at the blurred, like a blurred background. Perhaps a combination of these two methods when the object and the background somewhat blurred. Sensation of movement can occur when a certain arrangement of objects, colors, light spots, etc. The concept of movement in pictures connected with the concept of rhythm. Rhythm, along with other compositional principles, organizing space, subjecting it to rigorous logical system. Rhythmic series may be based both on the repetition or alternation of proportionate elements of the composition, and on the use of such properties of objects as form, size, color, texture, etc.