Notes On Oral Surgery

Notes on Oral surgery in the field of dentistry a specialties with more tradition is oral surgery. This specialty is primarily devoted to the treatment, as well as the diagnosis of oral pathologies, and surgical interventions associated with problems and trauma in the teeth, the maxillary and vintage fabrics to such structures. To be a field as broad and demanding professional dedicated to oral surgery you must possess certain requirements. In fact, in this specialty the surgeon must possess a very large theoretical background as well as certain personal values that allow you to work efficiently under pressure. Among the most important areas of knowledge that should dominate the Madrid dentist dedicated to this specialty are Anatomy, Physiology and histology, although, as we mentioned, there are other aspects of a personal nature that significantly influence the proper exercise of the specialty. Therefore a good surgeon must have reached a level of consistent maturity to be able to conducted its work.

Within oral surgery the most recurrent operation is extraction of wisdom teeth judgment or wisdom teeth, widely known. This intervention is carried out for various reasons ranging from an incorrect eruption of the above-mentioned parts to a problem of space in the jaw that compromise the health of the rest of teeth. Another type of intervention that we see with relative frequency within in the exercise of this activity is the removal of dental pieces with any complications. Mainly need of the work of the surgeon when the extraction of parts need be performed through surgical intervention, which normally occurs when the patient suffers from systemic diseases of large entity (for example, see patients who have been treated with radiotherapy or that does not coagulate correctly). At the same time this specialty encompasses surgery called prepotesica that aims at the reconstruction of the jaw and gum so they’re prepared face to an intervention in dental implantology.For finish emphasize other types of interventions aimed at the removal of cysts, lumps and benign tumors that are estructuiras that reproduce with relative frequency in the inside of the bones of the jaw within the specialty. To perform to perform this extraction, essential if you want to eliminate the discomfort caused by these cysts and prevent more serious pathologies intervention by a maxillofacial surgeon is absolutely necessary.