Treatment for Hemerrhoids

The options medical and surgical for treating hemorrhoids may be indicated when it is severe or recurrent cases a view to gastroenterologist will determine which course of action which must be taken according to the symptoms, here is the medical and natural treatments more common to treat hemorrhoids. Procedures minimally invasive following treatments are generally technical in the doctor’s Office. The secondary sefectos are minor and short-lived: treatment is the use of elastic bands elastic bands use more common for hemorrhoids. In this procedure, a League is put around the hemorrhoid. This procedure short blood flow to the hemorrhoid causing dry and wilt. In a span of several days, the hemorrhoid will disappear and the League will drop off.

Sclerotherapy as an alternative to the tied, your doctor can recomentar sclerotherapy. In this treatment, a chemical is injected into the hemorrhoid. This chemical causes tissue hardens and dries, causing that the hemorrhoid is gone. Infrared coagulation treatment involves the use of a laser or infrared light to destroy the hemorrhoidal tissue. Surgical options in some severe cases your doctor may diagnose the use of surgery to remove hemorrhoids. A Hemorroidecotomia hemorroidecotomia is the hemorrhoid removal through a surgical procedure. Compared to methods minimally invasive described above, the hemorroidecotomia involves more pain, more risk of complications and require recovery with loss of working days time.

Procedure for hemorrhoids prolapsadas. This procedure was developed as an alternative to the conventional hemorridecotomia. This involves the use of circular staples that stir the hemorrhoid tissue. Compared with the traditional hemorridecotomia, this procedure is generally a little less painful and requires less recovery time. The risk of this treatment is that it has a high probability that hemorrhoids will appear again. Natural alternative medicine this treatment is based on eliminating hemorrhoids in based on the use of natural elements and special diets that directly attack the causes of hemorrhoids so preventing its recurrence, this type of treatment is characterized by by not cause side effects such as pain requires no recovery time, usually the results start to notice in a matter of days, and if followed properly, its effect is usually final. If you want more information about this treatment for hemorrhoids 100% natural that has helped thousands of people in several countries and also can help you to permanently delete them, please click here.