Surgery Options

Bladder weakness: Many women, on average every fifth, suffer a dysfunction of the urinary bladder incontinence incontinence. Better known by the term “Bladder weakness”, urinary incontinence is a disorder of the urinary bladder function of that leads to often sudden and uncontrolled loss of urine. This can have various causes. Often is a weakening of the pelvic muscles or injury of the bladder sphincter, also a corresponding disease can have psychological causes. Basically, we distinguish between two types of incontinence: about half of the affected women suffers from the so-called stress incontinence, in which the urethra closure not functioning properly.

The involuntary loss of urine can be triggered by physical strain, jerky movements and laugh or cough. The sudden and often complete emptying of the bladder is typical of the urge incontinence. This is done completely unexpectedly and is hardly for the affected controllable. Rarely occur even mixed of the two variations. In addition there are three different severities of disease. At level one, heavy physical stress lead to the unintentional loss of urine. The loss of urine with lower body burdens such as light sport and reflexes such as sneezing or coughing is typical of the second severity. The affected of third severity of suffer the consequences of their bladder weakness with slight movements, for example when standing up or while running.

Incontinence is however no incurable disease, on the contrary. She can be treated very successfully by medical or surgical procedures. Drug treatments help of urge incontinence in many cases. This has no effect, the injection of a special substance is a promising alternative. Especially for stress incontinence surgical treatments show the greatest successes. There are different methods of intervention can be carried out mostly under local anaesthetic. One way is to enable the urethra with to anchor, so that it is again aligned with the neck of the bladder. The corrected anatomical position prevents such sudden leakage of urine. The operation is done usually through small incisions above the pubic area. Furthermore, the resistance of the bubbles range can be increased by injections so that he can again withstand even higher pressure. A professional performing of the surgery is done so with subsequent complications is not to expect and healing runs easily within a few weeks. A specialist of this disease is the renowned specialist for Urology Dr. Aref El Seweifi, which already has practiced in this area. For more information on the causes and treatment options is on the website.